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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Somaliland can achieve recognition through multi-clan equality

Somaliland achieved independence from Somalia through the struggle against the rein of the late dictator,  Siyad Barre that has ruled the county for more than 20 years after SNM forces from Somaliland deposed his socialist government .

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef, heir to throne, dies

Suicide blast hits Somali base outside capital

Angola Press .
Mogadishu - An al Shabaab suicide bomber rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into the gate of a government base in Afgoye outside the Somali capital on Saturday causing casualties, the police and rebels said.

Saudi Arabia : Crown Prince Nayef dies in Hospital

Somalia : Photos of man stoned to death by Al Shabaab for adultery

(Re-published)- This  horrible act took place on Friday , 6 November 2009 in Southern Somalia . The man was accused of adultery and therefore , condemned to die by stoning .
Warning : disturbing photos from the web files are included.  

When the Nile runs dry....

When the Nile runs dry.... ( The Grain )

Few countries in Africa have received more foreign interest in their farmland than those served by the Nile River.

U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Somalia

Travel Warning - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Bureau of Consular Affairs
June 15, 2012
The U.S. Department of State continues to warn U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Somalia and recommends that you avoid all travel to Somalia.  This replaces the Travel Warning dated August 19, 2011, to update information on security concerns.

Friday, June 15, 2012

US declassifying attacks in Yemen, Somalia

By ROBERT BURNS | Associated Press 
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is partially lifting the lid of secrecy on its counterterrorism campaign against al-Qaida in Yemen and Somalia by formally acknowledging for the first time that it is conducting lethal attacks in those countries, officials said Friday.

Poll: Catching criminals is fine, but don't use drones for speeding tickets, Americans say

East Africa could benefit from regional ‘mobile money’ rules – UN study

UN News
15 June 2012 – With mobile money – the use of cell phones for money transfers and payments – increasingly popular in East Africa, a new report from the United Nations trade agency calls for region-wide rules to coordinate and harmonize regulations.

UKBA staff 'unfairly rejecting' African visas, report finds

UK Border Agency staff processing visa applications from Africa are "acting unfairly" and wrongly refusing entry to the UK, an independent report claims.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Press Release : Sovereignty of Somaliland is irrevocable

Ministry of Information & National Guidence 
Contact address: 0025-2 523981, 00252-24240188/4424258/4142533;
Press Release                                                                       14th June 14, 2012
Ref: www/WS/3/2012
In the course of one week, the prime minister of the Transitional Federal Government-TFG, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has dwelt on the proposed talks between Somaliland and Somalia, with frequent insinuations that the foundation of the talks is reunification of the two countries.

Squeezing Africa dry: behind every land grab is a water grab

Those who have been buying up vast stretches of farmland in recent years, whether based in Dubai or London City, understand that it's the access to water that they get from the land deals, which they often get for free and without restriction, that may well be worth the most over the long-term. "The value is not in the land," says Neil Crowder, whose UK-based company, Chayton Capital, has been acquiring farmland in Zambia. "The real value is in water.”

Surprising Somalia : Nice beaches and good shopping

UK : New Powers To 'Snoop' On Emails And Calls

By Sam Kiley - Sky News
The Government has announced legislation which will lead to a huge expansion of surveillance powers of communications on the internet and mobile phones.

New Ethiopian law criminalises Skype, installs Internet filters

By ARGAW ASHINEP - Africa Review   
The Ethiopian government has passed new legislation that criminalises the use of Internet-based voice communications such as Skype and other forms of Internet phone calling.

CPJ calls on Somaliland president to end press crackdown

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Somaliland's press harassed, disappointed

Abdiweli Farah and Mohamed Abdi Jama, chief editors of Ogaal and Waheen, respectively, say the government has not lived up to its promises. (CPJ/Tom Rhodes)
Abdiweli Farah and Mohamed Abdi Jama, chief editors of Ogaal and Waheen, respectively, say the government has not lived up to its promises. (CPJ/Tom Rhodes)

How close is an African criminal court?

An AMISOM soldier on patrol near Bakara market in the Somali capital of Mogadishu
JOHANNESBURG, 13 June 2012 (IRIN) - The long-running spat between the African Union (AU) and International Criminal Court (ICC) over perceived bias has prompted the AU to push ahead with plans to form its own Africa-wide criminal court, but analysts believe the move could complicate, rather than enhance, international justice. 

Arrest over Kenya 'terror' blast

A man suspected of involvement in an attack last month on a shopping centre in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, has been arrested in neighbouring Tanzania.

Sustainable Peace: Why Somaliland Matters

By Abukar |Arman FBP
Like in wars between states and other organized groups, civil wars and other protracted domestic conflicts are seldom caused by a single factor. Over time, even those that prove to be the exception to the rule eventually evolve into a much more complex conflict- hence the entity known as Somaliland.

Mogadishu is losing 'Most Dangerous City' label

Books : Dirkii Sacmaallada (The Progenies of Cattle Milkers)

By Ahmed Ibrahim Awale 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kenya's PM asks for help from the US & EU to capture Kismayo port of Somalia

BBC- Kenya's Raila Odinga wants EU to attack Somalia's al-Shabab Islamists
Kenya's prime minister has asked for help from the US and Europe in a "final onslaught" on the Somali port of Kismayo, the main stronghold of the Islamist militant group al-Shabab.

Monday, June 11, 2012

UK: Somali Refugee Parents Send Kids Back Home for 'Rehabilitation' -Video

Many Somali parents living in the UK say their children, consumed by Western culture, have lost their way 

Read more at Channel 4 here :  http://news.linktv.org/videos/uk-somali-refugee-parents-send-kids-back-home-for-rehabilitation

Somali al-Shabab camel reward for Barack Obama 'absurd'

US President Barack Obama (file photo)
A top US envoy has dismissed as "absurd" a reward of 10 camels for information about President Barack Obama's hideout by Somali militants.
Al-Shabab made the mock offer after the US announced rewards of $3-7m (£2-4.5m) for various militant commanders.

Anti-Shabaab Kenyan minister killed in air crash

By Duncan Miriri and Thomas Mukoya
NAIROBI, June 10 (Reuters) - Kenya's internal security minister, who was closely involved in the fight against Somali militant group al Shabaab, was killed when the police helicopter he was travelling in crashed into a forest on Sunday.

Somali athletes eye London

* Four Somali athletes competing for two places - * Training ground was rebel camp until 2011
* Olympic bid run on a shoestring - * Running for pride, not medals
By Richard Lough
MOGADISHU, June 11 (Reuters) - Training in a bullet-riddled stadium where the remains of a rocket propelled grenade lies discarded on the track's edge counts as progress for Somali Olympic hopeful Mohamed Hassan Mohamed.

Footwear may be Ethiopia’s commercial future

The Economist :
Ethiopian shoes -On the march
GOING barefoot in Africa often means injuries, worms puncturing the skin and putrefaction of the foot from disease. But in the past few years shoes have been getting a foothold in even the poorest and most remote communities of Ethiopia.

Can Somalia's cheap peacekeeping defeat al-Shabab?

The Islamist group al-Shabab, that controls large parts of central and southern Somalia, has recently suffered significant defeats at the hands of Amisom, the African Union force that has been fighting the al-Qaeda-allied militants. The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse is in Mogadishu and has been travelling with them.

Somaliland: High court judge shot in Hargeisa

Hargeisa high court judge Mr. Abdirashid Duran was shot early Monday morning by unknown gunmen. The judge was coming out of a mosque near his house in New Hargeisa district when he was approached by men who shot at him .

US issues Somali sanctions threat

The United States has threatened to impose sanctions on Somalis who stand in the way of a UN-supervised roadmap for peace in Somalia.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kenyan ministers killed in plane crash

 Internal Security Minister George Saitoti (left) and Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode killed in Ngong plane crash. (Photo:File/Standard) 

US official lands in Mogadishu

AP and Fox News
MOGADISHU, Somalia –  The highest ranking U.S. official to visit Somalia's capital in years landed in Mogadishu on Sunday in another sign of improving security in the Horn of Africa's most chaotic nation.

Scotland : Legionnaires' disease outbreak leaves one dead

A man in his 50s has died as the number of confirmed and suspected cases of Legionnaires' disease in an Edinburgh outbreak continues to rise.

Sanaag: The largest but the most neglected region of Somaliland

Sanaag is the largest region of Somaliland, and it is also the most neglected.