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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pastoralism: Good News From a Troubled Region of Africa

By Ian Scoones -Huffington post -Where in the developing world do you see the growth of a $1 billion per annum export trade, the creation of export corridors, the flourishing of the private sector, the expansion of towns with the inflow of investment, and the emergence of a class of entrepreneurs commanding a profitable market, and generating employment and other business opportunities; and all of this driven without a reliance on external development aid?

Somalia : Report sheds light on widespread corruption by senior TFG officials

A summary report by HOL.
 The monitoring group's report outlines how TFG misappropriated funds and the general mismanagement of passport production and key revenue generating authorities including Mogadishu Port and Airport Authority and funds received from leading financial companies and telecom operators.

Somaliland : Hargeisa Childrens hospital under construction(Photos)

Below are photos of  Hargeisa Childrens hospital under construction . The hospital is funded by the Italian widow of the late doctor Mohamed Aden Sheikh who wrote in his will before his death that a hospital be built in the capital of Somaliland for the welfare of the Somali children. Dr. Mohamed Aden was among the first Somali surgeons of post Independence era .

Sylvester Stallone’s Son Sage Found Dead at 36

Sage Stallone, the 36-year-old son of Hollywood’s famous actor Sylvester Stallone, was found dead in his house on late Friday, CNN reported citing Sage’s lawyer.

Saudi protesters hold anti-regime demonstration in Buraydah

Angry Saudi protesters have held a demonstration against the repressive regime of Al Saud in a city near the capital Riyadh as popular uprising continues to rock the Kingdom.

Burning Oil to Keep Cool: The Hidden Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia

(Chatham House )-Programme Report by - Glada Lahn and Paul Stevens
Domestic energy demand growth in Saudi Arabia is cause for international concern. If it continues at the current rate, it could jeopardize the country's ability to stabilize world oil markets.

WHO: Cholera Rising in Southern Somalia

LONDON -- The World Health Organization said Friday that cholera is on the rise in Kismayo, an al-Shabab-held town in southern Somalia. 

Somali athletes defeat hardship for shot at glory

By Mustafa Haji Abdinur - AFP-Running from war, dodging bullets and defying Al-Qaeda linked Islamist insurgents who ordered them stop: Somalia's determined Olympic hopefuls have overcome challenges few other athletes could even imagine.

UK- Amnesty International urges Somaliland to release King Buurmadow

Somaliland: Release prisoner of conscience
London, July 14, 2012: Amnesty International is calling on the Somaliland authorities to immediately and unconditionally release elder Boqor Osman Mohamoud Buurmadow, a prisoner of conscience. Amnesty International is also urging the Somaliland authorities to quash the conviction against him, after he was sentenced on 8 July to one year’s imprisonment after conviction for “insulting a public official”.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Somali refugees increasingly endangered in Kenya camp, agencies say

L.A. Times - JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- The Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya is the biggest in the world, a sprawl of nearly half a million people, some of whom have lived there for about two decades.

London : An evening of Somali folk dance in Brent

Invitation to an evening of Somali folk dance in Brent- Please see below for details : 

Kenya braces for attack as Somalia’s war continues

By Michelle Shephard - Toronto Star
NAIROBI—In Majengo, an enclave of garbage-strewn streets and modest homes and businesses in Kenya’s capital city, residents were poor, frustrated and largely ignored by authorities — unless it was time for one of their crackdowns on Muslim neighbourhoods.

Tens of thousands need food aid in Somaliland

HARGEISA, 13 July 2012 (IRIN) - About 120,000 people in the coastal, mid- and far western regions of the self-declared republic of Somaliland require emergency food assistance after four years of failed rains, says Mohamed Mousa Awale, chairman of Somaliland's environment research and disaster preparedness agency.

Ethiopian blogger given 18 years

BBC- A prominent Ethiopian journalist and blogger has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for violating the country's anti-terrorism legislation.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cartoon : Somalia from transition to transition

No justification to ratify the constitution

Plea deal for U.S. man accused of aiding Somalia's al Shabaab

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A U.S. citizen accused of providing material support to Somalia's al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants by intending to become a suicide bomber has reached a tentative plea deal with prosecutors, his lawyer and prosecutors said on Thursday.

Video: Japanese island ravaged by flooding

(ALJ)- Heavy rain and floods kill at least 20 in southwestern Japan as tens of thousands ordered to evacuate their homes on the island of Kyushu.

100 Nigerians die in fuel tanker fire

BBC- More than 100 people have died in southern Nigeria after a tanker carrying petrol crashed.
The authorities say the vehicle did not immediately burst into flames so nearby villagers rushed to collect the fuel.

British Ambassador to Somalia sends off the Somali Olympic Team

HM G Office - The British Ambassador to Somalia, Matt Baugh, on Wednesday joined the Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government, Abdiweli Mohamed at Villa Somalia to wish the Somali Olympic well on their journey to the London 2012 Olympics.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aid agencies make Dadaab camp appeal

BBC-Aid agencies working in the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya say they are running out of funds, putting tens of thousands of lives at risk.

USA- Utah Somali refugees form cultural exchange with Ute tribe

Education - Field trip to reservation gave refugee students a chance to learn about Utah’s tribe.
By Melinda Rogers | The Salt Lake Tribune
Refugee students from Congo, Somalia, Sudan and Nepal who are attending Cottonwood High School don’t always share stories about their own heritage while immersing themselves in the ways of the American school system.

Charcoal Ban in Somalia Impacts Struggling Local Economies

Roopa Gogineni- VOA
BUR GABO, Somalia - A February United Nations resolution banned charcoal exports from Somalia, claiming the trade provides revenue to the al-Qaida-linked-al-Shabab militants and contributes to deforestation.

World’s newest nation celebrates first year

UN- News - Juba - South Sudan has put aside dire warnings over the stability and economic viability of the fledgling nation, the world's newest, to celebrate its first year of independence.

Somali militant base 'captured'

Somali government soldiers and African Union troops have seized a major Islamist militant training base, a Somali army commander has told the BBC.

Saudis deny women will compete in London Olympics

(BBC)-A Saudi official has denied media reports that no women from his country will compete at the London Olympics.

Two foreign NGO staff kidnapped in Somalia

MOGADISHU — AFP- Two foreign staff of an international non-government organisation were kidnapped in northern Somalia on Wednesday, probably by pirates, a local police official told AFP.

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Visit Ethiopia for Clean Water Charity

(People.com)-Talk about giving back for your birthday! Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, who in 2010 used their birthdays to raise $109,000 for charity: water, a non-profit organization which brings clean water to developing nations, have taken it one step further.

Somaliland: Hargeisa in the afternoon (Video)

AU, Somali Forces Target al-Shabab Training Camp

(VOA)-African Union and Somali forces have launched a military operation against what they say is a major training camp for al-Shabab militants outside Somalia's capital.

One year on, U.S. sees Sudans in "mutual suicide" struggle

By Lauren French
WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - Sudan and South Sudan are playing a dangerous economic version of Russian roulette that threatens the success of both countries, the top U.S. official for the region said on the first anniversary of South Sudan's independence.

No-fly list man stranded in Bahrain returns to San Diego

By Associated Press
SAN DIEGO — A U.S. citizen of Somali descent who was stranded in Bahrain for two weeks after being told his name appears on the U.S. government’s no-fly list has returned to San Diego.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Call for ceasefire in Toronto's Somali community planned

TORONTO - Outspoken crime victim advocate Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo says working with Toronto Police to call for a ceasefire in the Somali community has been a “nightmare.”

The decade of war to come

New York, NY - By Nick Turse -  Al Jazeera - "In operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, a failure to recognise, acknowledge and accurately define the operational environment led to a mismatch between forces, capabilities, missions and goals," reads a new draft report by the Pentagon's Joint Staff.

Monday, July 9, 2012

USA: Man dropping legal fight against $900,000 fraudulent calls to Somalia

IPSWICH, Mass.USA Today -  (AP) – AT&T says it is dropping its legal fight against a Massachusetts businessman whose company was on the hook for a fraudulent million-dollar phone bill.

Chicago : Somali man missing

CAIR-Chicago received a report today of a missing person, Mr. Abdiqani Abdi Nor (please see his photo below).

Ex-Somali premier to vie for top seat

By ALEX ATUHAIRE - Daily Nation 
Former Somali Prime Minister Mohammed Abdullah Farmajo has announced he would vie for the country’s presidency in the elections slated for next month.

Somali Elders Stall Political Transition Over Constitution Concerns

NAIROBI — Time is running out for Somalia to end its long-running political transition and elect a new president in accordance with a U.N.-backed plan.  But a group of elders is holding up the process due to concerns about the draft constitution. 

Can the international community empower Somaliland to help Somalia ?

On the onset of the article, I would like to highlight briefly, to my best recall, the melt down of the Somalia dignity and an unprecedented events unfolded after the late Siyaad Barre’s regime has got ousted by the rebel forces in  27 January 1991.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Opinion : Change Somalilands' name to Golisland

Medeshi - To get get rid off Somalia's claim to Somaliland, we need to change Somalilands' name to Golisland which represents the name of the mountains that run from the west to the east of Somaliland known internationally as the Golis Range Mountains.

The World Passport could benefit Somaliland citizens

I obtained the World Passport in 1979 while working at Jubail Commercial Port in Eastern Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Ports authority under Filipino stevedoring contractor (PSPC).

80 people killed in severe flooding in Russia (Video)

At least 80 people have been killed in severe flooding, after Russia's southern Krasnodar region was swamped by torrential rain over the last 24 hours.

Somalia at Risk of Hunger Crisis Recurrence

Violence and drought are causing a fresh crisis in the wake of last year’s famine in Somalia, warns one charity. The last famine saw extreme levels of child mortality to due starvation.

Somali terror suspect tracked to London Olympic Park

LONDON — An Islamist terror suspect in Britain charged with breaking restrictions on his movements had crossed through London's Olympic Park five times, newspapers reported Sunday.

Somaliland Continues to Strive for Recognition

(Heritage.org by Alexander Macdonald)
Amid the lawless bloodbath that is Somalia, the northern state of Somaliland remains a rare example of functioning democracy in the Muslim world.