Pontus Marine LTD- Leader of fishing industry in Somaliland

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ethiopia’s Government in Peace Talks With Ogaden Rebels

By William Davison - Bloomberg.
Ethiopia’s government is in peace talks with the Ogaden National Liberation Front, an outlawed ethnic-Somali rebel group, Communications Minister Bereket Simon said.

Somalia presidential vote: key candidates

AFP- Somalia's parliament is preparing to select a new president for the war-torn nation, with a secret ballot due to be held on September 10. A total of 25 candidates have each paid a $10,000 (7,900 euro) fee to contest for the top job.

Iman: Somalia’s Most Famous Export

VENTURES AFRICA – Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, known professionally just as Iman, is often referred to as Somalia’s most famous export.  Born in Mogadishu in 1955, she has gone on to become a world-renowned high-fashion supermodel, and has set up her own cosmetics business and clothing line.  She now boasts a net worth of $25 million.

Transition Stabilization Initiatives for Somalia/Somaliland

( Medeshi )- I was invited to an information  event last night at White-chapel , East London  about a briefing on the Transition Stabilization Initiatives of Somalia and Somaliland (TIS) presented by USAID and UKAID along with the Council of Somali organisations (CSO) .

Encounters With The Good, Bad, And Ugly Faces Of African Power

By Charles Onyango-Obbo - Meles Zenawi; Encounters With The Good, Bad, And Ugly Faces Of African Power

Friday, September 7, 2012

Suspected Somali pirates fire on Italian navy helicopter

ROME (Reuters) - Suspected pirates opened fire on an Italian navy helicopter on patrol off the east coast of Somalia, hitting a window and slightly injuring a pilot, the force said on Friday.

Kenyan police seizes more than 150 detonators in Nairobi

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan police seized more than 150 detonators in Nairobi on Friday, highlighting the security risks the east African country faces ahead of an election next year because of its struggle with al Qaeda-linked militants in neighboring Somalia.

Politics Hinders Capture of Somalia's Kismayo

Mohammed Yusuf - VOA - NAIROBI, Kenya — For months, the media have used words like “looming” and “imminent” to describe a long-anticipated, concerted military assault on Somalia's coastal city of Kismayo, the last remaining stronghold of militant group al-Shabab, and the financial hub for its operation.

Unemployment causes more mental health problems among Somalis in London than in Minneapolis

(medicalxpress )- Somali immigrants to the UK and USA appear to integrate better and have fewer mental health problems if they are allowed to work and they receive practical support during the first few years of their time in the new country, according to a study led by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London (UK) and published in BioMed Central Public Health on Friday.

US urges peaceful presidential vote in Somalia

WASHINGTON — (AFP)- The United States called on Somalia's parliament Friday to hold a fair election for the war-torn nation's next president, and for the losers to accept the results gracefully.

M. Hadrawi among 11 artists hounured for dedication to literary quality and culture

(Prince Claus Fund)- The Prince Claus Fund’s 2012 Principal Award has been granted to Eloísa Cartonera. This Argentinian non-profit publishing house creates handmade books of outstanding aesthetic and literary quality from waste material.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Russian President Putin Leads Crane Birds on a Migration Route (Video)

(Reuters)- Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has tracked a Siberian tiger and posed with a polar bear, on Wednesday (September 5) took his love of wildlife to new heights by flying with cranes - to lead them on a migration route. 

Olympic champion Mo Farah to start Great North Run

BBC - Mo Farah will be among five London 2012 gold medallists to perform the role of starter at the Bupa Great North Run.

Israel allows in three Eritrean migrants from Egypt

JERUSALEM, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Israel allowed in three Africans on Thursday who had camped on its desert border with Egypt for almost a week, but said it will press on with its crackdown on illegal migrants.

UK 'linked to Ethiopian abuses'

BBC- An Ethiopian farmer could sue the UK government after claiming a project that received funding from Britain led to human rights abuses.

Pondering the link between piracy and overfishing

 By Dan Klotz - National Geographic - A few years ago a scientific survey was released that mapped out where fisheries were being depleted around the world.  This was about the same time that pirates from Somalia achieved a large degree of prominence by seizing a cargo ship full of tanks, with news reports bemoaning how global shipping lanes brought cargo ships close by a country with unemployed men and no rule of law to keep them in check.

Somalia : Kismayo feels the heat ahead of AMISOM assault

MOGADISHU, 6 September 2012 (IRIN) - Hundreds of civilians have over recent weeks fled the Somali port city of Kismayo, where tension is rising amid sporadic shelling by the Kenyan navy in the run-up to an African Union military operation to dislodge Al-Shabab militants from their last stronghold in the country.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

U.N.: Mercenary soldiers in Puntland region of Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia -(UPI) -- A former South African mercenary now living in Australia is running a private army for the breakaway Somali region of Puntland, the United Nations says.

Somalia : Kismayo port town under sea bombardment

Kismayo, Somalia - The Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) had heavily fired shells near the southern strategic port city of Kismayo, a military spokesman confirmed Wednesday, amid reports of the killing of a senior Al-Shabaab officer.

Somali piracy: EU forces in first mainland raid

BBC-EU naval forces have conducted their first raid on pirate bases on the Somali mainland, saying they have destroyed several boats.

Farah: I want to be Gunners' fitness coach

Yahoo - The Olympic 5,000m and 10,000m champion doesn't think he'd have the frame to help out Arsene Wenger on the pitch, but he still thinks he could help restore the ailing club's glory days.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scotland paves way for vote on independence from Britain

By Ian MacKenzie - EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Scotland will introduce a bill within nine months on holding a referendum on independence, First Minister Alex Salmond said on Tuesday, paving the way for a vote that could result in the eventual breakup of Britain.

The Big Three Counter-Piracy Task Forces Urge Ship Owners To Keep Up Their Guard

Press Release
European Union Naval Force Somalia - Operation Atalanta, NATO and Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) - the big three - call upon the shipping industry to continue to take anti-piracy measures despite the current downward trend in piracy events.

Alabama - Somali man arrested in Decatur for exposing himself to group of juveniles

By Keith Clines, The Huntsville Times
DECATUR, Alabama - A Somalia citizen living here legally was arrested Wednesday for exposing himself to a group of juveniles, Decatur police said in a news release.

Australian accused of funding private Puntland army

(By Thom Cookes - abc.net)  - United Nations investigators say an Australian citizen is helping to fund and run a "private army" for the president of Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region.

Egypt and Ethiopia change course on Nile Basin treaties

( By Aly Verjee , The National )- Amid continuing political drama in both Egypt and Ethiopia, the management of Africa's longest river might not seem an urgent priority. But every year that passes without meaningful cooperation between the Nile Basin's two most populous states narrows the room to find compromise over that most precious of finite and depleting resources: fresh water.

Somaliland: Stop Deporting Ethiopian Refugees

For Immediate Release
Somaliland: Stop Deporting Ethiopian Refugees
Dozens, Including Women, Children, Forced Back to Ethiopia
(Nairobi, September 4, 2012) – The Somaliland authorities should immediately stop deporting Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers to Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch said today. On August 31, 2012, dozens of Ethiopians, mostly women and children, were forcibly returned to Ethiopia in violation of international legal prohibitions against sending people to places where they might face persecution or threats to their lives.

Kenya's navy shells Kismayo in Somalia

BBC-The Kenyan navy has shelled Kismayo, the main Somali city controlled by militant Islamist group al-Shabab, a military spokesman has told the BBC.

Somalia : Al Shabaab Retreated But Not Defeated

Strategy Page - September 4, 2012: Thousands of residents of Kismayo have fled the city in the last week, fearing that an AU led assault on the city is imminent.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Angola begins documenting Somali refugees

By PFJ Reporters
Angola began this week issuing permits to Somali refugees in its country following talks between the Angolan government and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), reports say. The Angolan government has already issued refugee status permit to over 400 Somalis to allow them work and stay in the country legally.

Mo Farah becomes a role model for Somali school pupils

(By Rachel Williams - Guardian)-Arms outstretched, mouth open wide with sheer delight and disbelief, it was for many the abiding image of the Olympics: Mo Farah sailing to his second gold medal victory, to the roars of a newly adoring nation.

Ethiopia: Remarks by Susan Rice at the Funeral of Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia

Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Funeral of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia

Video : Funeral preparations for Ethiopia's PM

Ethiopia held  a state funeral on Sunday for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died two weeks ago of an undisclosed illness in a Belgium hospital. Heads of state from across Africa have  attended the funeral. Here is how the nation prepared for his funeral.

In pictures: Ethiopian PM Meles' funeral

BBC- Ethiopia has announced it will build a mausoleum to commemorate the life of former leader Meles Zenawi, who was buried on Sunday.

Mo Farah names his daughters Aisha and Amani

( telegraph.co.uk )Olympic hero Mo Farah has shown off the newborn twins who inspired him to double gold-winning victory - and finally revealed their names.

Narrating peace: Somaliland women’s experiences

( By SIHAM RAYALE -opendemocracy.net )- Somaliland women’s narratives have largely been absent from accounts in state and nation building in Somaliland, yet their contributions cannot be denied. Female poets, writers, artists and activists recount their experiences in shaping the peace and their political participation in Somaliland today.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kenya Muslim riots expose political, economic rifts

By Richard Lough and Joseph Akwiri
MOMBASA, Kenya, Sept 2 (Reuters) - The assassination of a Muslim cleric in Kenya's port of Mombasa and deadly riots that followed have exposed deep social, political and sectarian divides that could unleash more violence ahead of a presidential election next year.

Thousands attend funeral of Ethiopia's leader

(AJZ)- Tens of thousands of Ethiopians and many African leaders have attended the state funeral in Addis Ababa of Ethiopia's long-serving Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died suddently last month.

Kenyan fighter jets hit pro-government forces in Somalis by mistake

Kenyan fighter jets have mistakenly targeted a pro-government militia group in southern part of the war-torn Somalia, Press TV reports.

UK- Olympic stars support Mo Farah charity

(UKPA) –Mo Farah was joined by Olympic heroes past and present at a fundraising dinner for his charity tonight.