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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Somaliland : Event marking the role of women in development and security (+Photos)

(Medeshi) - An event marking the role of women in the development and security of the country was held today  at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa.
The event which was in the form of an appraisal was  for  marking the role of Somaliland women in the government particularly those serving in various  sectors of the police and national army. The women in service also have been given their share in the recent distribution of ranks among the Somaliland military and police officers . Many women have received the ranks of Majors, Captains, sergeants, warrant officer and more .

Members from various sectors of the society have been invited and attended this important occasion which was arranged and prepared by Mrs Amal Haji Misaan, President's advisor for women’s affairs. The event was sponsored by the Somaliland First Lady,  Mrs.Amina Haji Jire , who gave an encouraging speech highlighting the role of the Somaliland Women in the progress and prosperity of the country ..
Photos of the event :

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