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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Somaliland: One person dead and several injured in Hargeisa riots

(Medeshi) - Hargeisa Dec 28, 2013 - At-least one person died and several others were injured after RRU police opened fire today at people demonstrating against  the increase of water tariff and water shortage in the capital, according to the local press.

youths burn tyres at Hargeisa street Dec 28, 2013
The demonstrations were triggered off when  water tanker-owners  that supplied water from Awa-Barkhadle to the southern and eastern parts of the capital staged strike due to increase in water tariff. The public who could not access water in Dunbulq, Mohamed Mooge and New Hargeisa districts  then started demonstrations. Some of the youth  burned tyres in the  streets and blocked the main road leading to Egal international airport.
The situation is reported calm at this time after the minister of interior met with the water-truck owners and convinced them to resume supplying water to the shortage stricken districts of the capital.
Hargeisa water supply has been built by the Chinese in the early seventies and the source of the water is Geed Deeble which is located more than 20 kilometers northwest of the capital. Tap water is limited to the western parts of the capital and the infrastructure has not been improved by the consecutive governments to reach all the districts of the capital .
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