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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Somaliland - Water shortage in Hargeisa - cartoon

(Medeshi) - Somaliland capital suffers from chronic  shortage of water because of poor infrastructure and poor governance.

Recent demonstrations in the capital have caused causalities  among civilians demanding the right of access to water supply .The death of an innocent bystander caught by stray bullet was as a result draconian crackdown by the RRU police unit that had been trained to protect the public and expats against terrorists.
The following cartoon by the famous Somali artist Amin Amir summarises how the government perceives water shortage problem in the capital.
Minister Hirsi is rumoured as the most influential among the cabinet ministers of Somaliland because of obvious reasons that I don't want to reveal here:
Translation of the cartoon text from Somali :
Minister Hirsi tells the president : " Look the opposition are behind all problems in the country. There is no water shortage in the country".
The president looking through binoculars replies “ I can’t see anything here but I trust you. You are right. I don’t see any problem in the country.”
The boy standing below with a jug says “We have no water. There is no life here. And you have muzzled our voices “
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