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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Report: UN document links Britons to Somali pirate kidnapping

LONDON — (AP) The Times of London says a secret section of a United Nations report has linked British citizens with Somali piracy.

Somaliland : Doing business in Hargeisa 2012

(Medeshi) - The World Bank - Doing business in Hargeisa 2012 : comparing regulation for domestic firms in 183 economies (English)

UN Jobs- Supply Chain Manager, Hargeisa, Somaliland

(Medeshi)- Closing Date: Thursday, 31 January 2013
Manage the supply chain department comprising of procurement, logistics and warehousing. Plan and coordinate departmental affairs. Supervise staff, review supply chain processes and ensure compliance to supply chain procedures.

Somaliland: Kulmiye Faction Want Silanyo-Sayli for Re-election in 2015

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The 2015 presidential ambitions of Kulmiye party chair Mr. Musa Bihi have hit a snag. There are covert moves within the ruling Kulmiye party to have incumbent president Silanyo and his deputy Sayli to contest re-election during planned 2015 presidential elections. 
Read more at Somaliland Sun 

Somali Government Arrests 3 Over Scholarship Fraud

By ABDI GULED Associated Press - MOGADISHU, Somalia .
Three officials have been arrested for mismanaging a scholarship scheme that sends Somali students to Turkey, Somalia's education minister said Saturday, a sign that the fledgling government is committed to fighting the corruption that contributes to the country's failed-state status.

Back to le future in Mali: French neo-colonialism looms over Africa?

(Medeshi ) - RT- Malians hoping French troops have arrived to save them from Islamists may see other objectives revealed. France views Mali as a promising source of uranium and oil, and part of a geopolitical game, say observers.

UK : Prime Minister's call with the Somali President

(Medeshi) - FCO- A statement has been issued following Prime Minister David Cameron’s call with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia.

Minister for Africa meets Foreign Minister for Somalia

( Medeshi)- FCO- Minister for Africa and Somali Foreign Minister co-chair meeting of international community on Somalia at the AU Summit in Addis Ababa.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Texas Tawakal grocery owner gets prison for food stamp fraud

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - A North Texas grocer who ran an unlicensed money transmitting business has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for fraud.

Somalia's al-Shabab Twitter account suspended

BBC-The Twitter account of Somali militant group al-Shabab has been suspended, after it was used to threaten to kill Kenyan hostages.

Kenya:Boost for miraa traders as UK drug advisers reject ban

Daily Nation -By EMMANUEL ONYANGO -The UK government's official drugs advisory body has rejected calls to ban the herbal stimulant, khat (miraa).

Rift Valley Institute Field Courses 2013

Applications now open for RVI 2013 field courses
The Rift Valley Institute's three field courses, now in their tenth year, offer a unique opportunity to spend an intensive week with an outstanding group of experts and fellow participants, away from routine distractions.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Somaliland : History of Minelaying

(Medeshi)  HAlO Trust - Somaliland is an unrecognised de-facto independent state located in northwest Somalia in the Horn of Africa.

Saudis Turn to Ethiopian Maids After Asian Backlash

(Medeshi)- Zeini Kadir escaped at dawn, when the gates of the house in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, were open for morning prayers- Bloomberg reports

Malian army summary executions of Arabs and Tuaregs

(Medeshi)-Human Rights Organisations are  very alarmed by the increasing number of summary executions and other human rights violations committed by Malian soldiers in the context of the counter-attack led by the French and Malian armies against the Jihadists, and calls for the immediate establishment of an independent investigation commission to assess the scope of these abuses and sanction the perpetrators. Read report 

"She would still be alive today" - relative slams Kingston Council 'negligence'

(Medeshi) Kingston Council social workers failed to help a mother hammered to death by her jealous lover in front of their daughter and then altered records, a leaked independent report has revealed. Read more at Surrey Commet

Mali, France, and chickens : As in: come home to roost

(Medeshi)-The instability in Mali is a blowback from the NATO invasion of Libya.
Conn Hallinan examines French interests in Mali and its former colonial empire arguing that chickens have come home to roost. Read the article 

Death sentence and detentions raise profile of rape in Somalia

NAIROBI, 24 January 2013 (IRIN) - The recent execution in Somalia of a soldier convicted of rape and the detention of a journalist investigating sexual assault have given the traditionally taboo issue of gender-based violence an usual degree of prominence.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rift Valley Institute : Applications invited for posts in Nairobi and London

(Medeshi)-The Rift Valley Institute invites applications for the following posts in London and Nairobi.

Task force needed to solve 50 murders of Somali-Canadians

TORONTO - A federal judicial task force should be launched to investigate the largely unsolved murders of about 50 young Somali-Canadian men in Ontario and Alberta over the past decade, a group of concerned parents say.

UK drug advisers reject khat ban

BBC-The UK government's official drugs advisory body has rejected calls to ban the herbal stimulant, khat.
The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) said there was "insufficient evidence" that khat caused health problems.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Khat: a legal high, but should it be banned? Video

Ch-4 - Khat, a stimulant drug, is chewed by around 90,000 people in the east African and Yemeni communities in the UK. But now the Home Office is considering banning the substance. Jamal Osman finds out why.

Coup Attempt by Rebel Soldiers Is Said to Fail in Eritrea

GARSEN, Kenya — Eritrea, a sliver of a nation in the Horn of Africa that is one of the most secretive and repressive countries in the world, was cast into confusion on Monday after mutinous soldiers stormed the Ministry of Information and took over the state-run television service, apparently in a coup attempt.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kenya: Don’t Force 55,000 Refugees Into Camps

HRW- Unlawful Transfer Plan to Begin January 21, Could Provoke Conflict

Eritrean troop movement sparks coup fears

(Medeshi)- By Katrina Manson in Nairobi and agencies - FT
Hundreds of soldiers are reported to have taken over the ministry of information in the Eritrean capital of Asmara, sparking fears of a coup in the one-party pariah state in the Horn of Africa.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Arabs say Turkey is in Somalia for business

(Medeshi)-So what is Turkey doing in Somalia and why? Is it on “a pilgrimage or selling beads” there -- which is a common expression used by Mecca residents well-grounded in combining godliness and moneymaking?   Read article by Jamal Khashoggi  Are Turks in Somalia for the hajj or to sell beads?

US : Obama Sworn In for 2nd Term

WASHINGTON — With only his family beside him, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office for a second term on Sunday in advance of Monday’s public pomp, facing a bitterly divided government at home and persistent threats abroad that inhibit his effort to redefine America’s use of power.

Somali Refugees in the Region - As of 15 January 2013

(Medeshi )- The number of Somali refugees in the countries surrounding Somalia are reported to be over 1,022,437, among them 84,400 in the republic of Somaliland.

In Focus : Somali refugees return - Video

VOA's Vincent Makori reports on Somali refugees and talks to VOA's Harun Maruf on the status of the refugees.

A Somali herder for Swedish Camels (Video)

A Somali immigrant finds work tending to a trio of Bactrian camels in rural Sweden and discovers that while camels might be the same,the climate is not. Reuters Video.