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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Republic of Somaliland seeks stronger ties with Kenya

(Medeshi)- KENYA: The Republic of Somaliland is turning to creating strong economic and trade ties with its neighbouring and friendly neighbour as it heightens its quest for recognition.
With an impending application at the African Union (AU) for recognition of sovereignty, the semi-autonomous country has embarked on a charm offensive with its neighbours and other international allies to woo investors to the Horn of Africa country. In this way, the country’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Omar says the country’s visibility in the region as an economic and political powerhouse can be noticed.

Somalia : US drone crashes in Puntland

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU, Somalia - An official in the semi-autonomous Puntland region of Somalia says a surveillance drone has crashed.

Ports and Anti-piracy Minister Saeed Mohamed Rage said Saturday the drone crashed in Qaw village 20 kilometers (12miles) west of the port city of Bossasso.

Dozens protest Blue Nile dam move outside Ethiopia's Cairo embassy

(Medeshi)- Dozens of Egyptian protesters gathered outside the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo on Friday to protest Addis Ababa's decision earlier this week to temporarily divert the course of the Blue Nile as part of a project to build a series of dams on the river.

South Africa : Silent genocide against Somali immigrants in Port Elizabeth (Video)

(Medeshi)- Port Elizabeth is known as the windy city, and it has lived up to its name every time I have visited.

South Africa - Stoned man not Somali shopkeeper (Warning : Graphic photo)

(Medeshi)- New information has come to light about the graphic video of a man being stoned to death near Port Elizabeth. It seems this may not have been Somali shopkeeper Ahmed Abidi as we previously reported.

Somaliland : Rehabilitation for Somali pirates in Hargeisa prison (Video)

(Medeshi)- Almost 40 convicted pirates are detained in the Somaliland facililty, where the UN is trying to rehabilitate them. In 2012, more than 100 attempted hijackings were stopped and dozens of pirates were captured. But Somaliland is one of the few countries in the world willing to take any responsibility for them. It may be easier to capture pirates out at sea. But now the world has to work out what to do with them here on land.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Book : Warriors: Life and death among the Somalis

(Medeshi)- Of all the races of Africa,there cannot be one better to live among than the most difficult, the proudest, the bravest, the vainest, the most merciless, the friendliest: the Somalis.’
Somalia is one of the world’s most desolate, sun-scorched lands, inhabited by fierce and independent-minded tribesmen. It was here that Gerald Hanley spent the Second World War, charged with preventing bloodshed between feuding tribes at a remote outstation.
Rations were scarce, pay infrequent and his detachment of native soldiers near-mutinous. In these extreme conditions seven British officers committed suicide, but Hanley describes the period as the ‘most valuable time’ of his life. With intense curiosity and openmindedness, he explores the effects of loneliness.

FACES OF AFRICA - DYING TO REPORT: Mogadishu Journalist - Video

(Medeshi)- Abdalle is among the many journalists in Mogadishu, Somalia who live in an environment of fear in line of their duty.

Edna Doing a Lot with a Little in Somaliland

Edna with a graduating class of Community Midwives
(Medeshi)- EDNA has just returned home from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where EDNA was invited by WHO, UNFPA and the International Confederation of Midwives to attend and speak during the Second Global Midwifery Symposium. It feels like EDNA hasn't been home very much in 2013 but EDNA has been greatly honoured to share with the world how, with few resources, Edna Hospital  has been able to achieve so much progress, particularly in the training of midwives.

Somalia, the yet-to-be known part of Africa: how the region is perceived in Japan (Part 1)

(Medeshi)- By: Yoshia MORISHITA - Seen from Japan, it is mysterious, very far as well as very confusing, and even a little bit scary sometimes. What is mysterious, very far, confusing and scary? Don’t ask me that question! I am talking about Somalia, Somaliland, Puntland, Mogadishu, Hargeysa, people from there and all that!

Dear Somali people: my experiences with them (Article 2 of 3)

(medeshi)- By Yoshia MORISHITA - Having Somali friends meant a lot to me. My usual plans for weekends began to shift to a series of excursions to some of the predominantly Islamic sections of London, including Whitechapel, of course. In this second article, I will write about some of my experiences with Somali people.

Somalia: We are yet to meet!

(Medeshi)- We are yet to meet! (Article 3 of 3) By: Yoshia MORISHITA
In my last two articles I mainly talked about my own experiences with Somali people. In this last article I will write a little bit about how the Somali region and people are generally perceived in Japan. It is probably fair to say the most of the visitors to this web site are Somali and assume that they do not have any Japanese friends or acquaintances. Likewise none of my friends and acquaintances in Japan has never even seen any Somali person. It is as if Japanese and Somali were living in different worlds in the same world.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Djibouti: Detention of Refugees and Fear of Deportation

(Medeshi) - The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep 
concern regarding the current situation of nine Ethiopian refugees arrested and detained in the neighboring country of Djibouti.

Somalia : Photos of the wreckage of a US drone downed by Al Shabaab

(Medeshi)-  U.S. reconnaissance drone crashed on Tuesday in southern Somalia, where African forces are fighting Islamist al Shabaab insurgents, the rebels and the provincial governor said. The US government has also confirmed that one of its drones crashed over Somalia .

South Africa : Somali man killed in Port Elizabeth

( Medeshi)- Port Elizabeth - A Somali man was stabbed to death in Greenfields, Port Elizabeth, on Thursday, the third murder in the area this week, Eastern Cape police said.
The man was stabbed in the head, chest and abdomen, Captain Stanley Jarvis said.
“It is alleged that a group of people went to the Somalian's residence and there was a confrontation between them and the Somalian.”

Contextualising Somaliland Elections : Clan , Ethnicity and Parties

(Medeshi)- Invitation to the public launch of International observer's  report on the 2012 Somaliland election observation.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rapping for peace in Somalia (+ Photos)

(Medeshi)- By Janne Louise Andersen .- Vice . Lihle Muhdin’s face was glued to the round airplane window. "Look how beautiful the beaches of Somalia are," he sighed. Below us stretched Mogadishu’s coast—miles of white-sand beaches and blue sea dotted with tiny fishing boats.

E. African firms set sights on Somalia as recovery takes root

(Medeshi)- * Somalia needs building from scratch after civil war
* Insecurity, infrastructure major obstacles to investing
* Investment will snuff out militant appeal - business leaders

Canada expels Eritrea envoy over expat mandatory fee collections

(Medeshi)- Canada has ordered an Eritrean envoy to leave the country following claims he demanded contributions from expatriates to fund Eritrea's military.
Semere Ghebremariam Micael, head of the Eritrean Consulate General in Toronto, has been under investigation for the practice.

Picture of the day : The two FMs of Somaliland and Somalia participating in the Somalia investment programme in Nairobi

(Medeshi)- Picture of the day : The two Foreign Ministers of Somaliland and Somalia participating in the Somalia investment programme in Nairobi 
(Fawzia Adam and Mohamed Omer are both from Somaliland but hold similar political posts in the two sisterly nations of Somaliland and Somalia )

Kenya: Police abuse , torture , rape Somali refugees - HRW report

(Medeshi)- Kenyan police in Nairobi tortured, raped, and otherwise abused and arbitrarily detained at least 1,000 refugees between mid-November 2012 and late January 2013, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Civilian shot dead by Somaliland Councillor in Hargeisa

(Medeshi)- Somaliland Councillor Mustafe Osman Dahir (Pictured left ) shot a civilian late last night in the capital Hargeisa. The deceased , Abdirashid Aden Warsame  (Abdirashid Dheere ) , was from the same community  of the Councillor and belonged to the people of Eastern Hargeisa. The Councillor surrendered to the police after shooting the civilian according to local Somaliland websites .

Saudi Arabia : Passport official under investigation for beating foreign labourers with a belt

(Medeshi)- Manama: A Saudi passport officer is being investigated after he was filmed pushing foreign labourers out of a makeshift waiting area with a belt.
The suspension and investigation of the officer was ordered by the Saudi interior minister for breaking the rules and regulations of security-related work, the spokesperson for the passports directorate said.

Somaliland Fact Sheet May 2013 - Humanitarian review

(Medeshi)- Humanitarian overview
Drivers and features of the humanitarian situation: Recurrent droughts, flash floods and protracted displacement are the humanitarian issues of concern in Somaliland, which declared its independence in 1991. It has remained relatively stable, but a border dispute with neighbouring Puntland over areas in the regions of Sanaag and Sool has been a flash point and has hampered humanitarian access to the area.

Recent trends: According to the latest food security and nutrition analysis released in February 2013*, people in need of humanitarian aid have decreased to 413,000 from 650,000 since August 2012. The agricultural production in Somaliland has increased by 7 per cent since 2011. The livestock exports have increased 25 per cent since 2010.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stiffer penalties, formal justice to curb rape in Somaliland

(Medeshi)- HARGEISA, 28 May 2013 |IRIN|- Stiffer penalties and reduced reliance on traditional justice systems could help end the rising incidence of rape in the self-declared republic of Somaliland, say officials.

Ethiopia diverts Nile for huge $4.7 bln hydro dam

(Medeshi)- By Aaron Maasho - ADDIS ABABA |May 28 (Reuters) - Ethiopia began diverting a stretch of the Nile on Tuesday to make way for a $4.7 billion hydroelectric dam that is worrying downstream countries dependent on the world's longest river for water.

The Horn of Africa country has laid out plans to invest more than $12 billion in harnessing the rivers that run through its rugged highlands, to become Africa's leading power exporter.

Centrepiece to the plan is the Grand Renaissance Dam being built in the Benishangul-Gumuz region bordering Sudan. Now 21 percent complete, it will eventually have a 6,000 megawatt capacity, the government says, equivalent to six nuclear power plants.

Uganda : Yoweri Museveni , one of the last African dictators

(Medeshi)-  Yoweri Museveni is a Ugandan politician who has been President of Uganda since 29 January 1986.
1944: Born
1979: Fought against Idi Amin and helped in deposing him
1986: Seizes power from Milto Obote 
1996: Invaded DR Congo
2001: Promises to stand down at next election
2005: Told by western critics that " his  time was up"
2011: Wins 4th term in office

Drone crashes in southern Somalia, may have been shot down

(Medeshi)- |Reuters| - A suspected U.S. reconnaissance drone crashed on Tuesday in southern Somalia, where African forces are fighting Islamist al Shabaab insurgents, the rebels and the provincial governor said.

Firefight rocks airport in Kismayu, Somalia

(Medeshi)- KISMAYU, Somalia, May 28 |UPI| -- A firefight began between militants and government troops at the airport in Kismayu, Somalia, while a government delegation was inside, defense officials said.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kenya : Military joins search for missing officers abducted by Al Shabaab

(medeshi)- Garissa, Kenya: The military has joined in the hunt for two Administration Police officers who are in the hands of Somalia’s Al-Shabaab terror group following an abduction.

Somaliland : President’s meeting with the French Ambassador for Somaliland and Somalia

(Medeshi)- The President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo held a meeting with the French Ambassador for Somaliland and Somalia, Etienne De Poncins at the Presidential Palace, in the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa. During this meeting with the French Ambassador, President Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo recieved an official invitation for talks from the highest levels in France.

Somaliland: Joint press conference with the European Union Envoy to Somaliland and Somalia

(Medeshi)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-Operation, Abdullahi Mohammed Omar held a joint press conference with the European Union Envoy to Somaliland and Somalia, Michele Cervone D’Urso, which discussed future relations with the European Union. The Press conference was held at the Presidential Palace, in the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa following a meeting with President of Somaliland Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo.

Somaliland : Hargeisa club to re-open with extended pub and dance hall

(Medeshi)- Our sources from Hargeisa have reported that the old Hageisa officers club is soon to be        re-opened with a pub - spirits and beer sales counters with a dance stage . The  club has  originally been built by the British during colonial era and was accessible only on membership basis .

Inside Chinese Shoe Factory in Ethiopia - Video

(Medeshi)- China's Huajian Shoe manufacturing giant currently employs more than 1500 Ethiopian in its factory outside Ethiopia's capital.

London : Cllr Mohamed of Somaliland origin announced new mayor of Southwark

(Medeshi)- Cllr Abdul Mohamed was announced as the new Mayor of Southwark at Council Assembly last night. Cllr Mohamed was Deputy Mayor last year, and replaces outgoing Mayor Cllr Althea Smith.
Cllr Mohamed was born in Kenya's rift valley to Somaliland parents. His grandfather had immigrated to Kenya as a soldier with the King's African Rifles camel corp.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Somali President says Kenyan Peacekeepers 'Misbehaved' in Kismayo

(Medeshi)- VOA- Addis Ababa  — Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed has expressed concern about Kenyan peacekeepers in the Somali port city of Kismayo, as the government seeks to regain control of the region.  The Somali president addressed the issue at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa.
Speaking on the sidelines of the summit Sunday, Hassan said his government is in discussions with the African Union after peacekeepers from Kenya allegedly declined to provide security for a group of ministers visiting Kismayo earlier this month.

Libya: 'I cannot explain how terrible the situation was' for Somali refugees

This is part of a special 'People on the Move' series, highlighting the human rights violations faced by migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in every part of the world. These profiles are being published around the launch of Amnesty International's Annual Report 2013.

US : President Obama forgets to salute while boarding Marine One (Video)

(Medeshi)- President Obama forgot to salute when he boarded Marine One. He later realized his mistake and went back to the Marine (CNN).

Somalia : This New Frontier Isn’t Ready for Oil

(Medeshi) - Bottom Line: Somalia plans to sign 30 PSCs this year with foreign oil companies and auction off over 300 new oil blocks, but oil rights here are not solidified and this will be another bloody mess.
Analysis: Late last year, Somalia announced it would auction off 308 oil blocks, newly delineated. This has caused a bit of rush on Somalia, from the juniors to the supermajors, like Royal Dutch Shell and Conoco-Phillips.

Kenyan police kill Muslim cleric with ties to Somali militants

(Medeshi) - Ruters - MOMBASA, Kenya  - A Muslim cleric accused of possessing explosives and radicalizing Kenyan youths into joining the Somali Islamist rebel group al Shabaab was killed in a shootout with police on Sunday, Kenyan authorities said.

Kenya : 15 yr-old boy among six killed in Liboi attack

(Medeshi)- NAIROBI, Kenya, May 26 – A 15 year-old boy is among six people killed by Al Shabaab militants during two attacks in Liboi near the Somalia border on Saturday evening.