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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maydh and Berbera fisheries business launched at East London

 (Medeshi) - A company named Pontus Marine Limited to trade by shares for the development of the fisheries business in Somaliland was launched today at the People’s Palace Hall at Queen Mary University in East London. The executive director of the company Mr. Mohamed Yusuf who also owns the Invicta Capital Limited said that the company was being launched after a through research and a feasibility study that showed the prospectus of potential fishing business in the ports of Maydh in Sanaag and Bebera in Saahil of Somaliland. The company will start the first phase of the work from Maydh port where the  company will initially use pontoons as a temporary service  while the port is being developed .
Mr Yusuf said that " although this is unique business initially based in Somaliland , it will eventually extend along the coast to Somalia in the future".
The company decided to establish a fisheries operation in the  Gulf of Aden ( initially based in Maydh and Berbera) which is  one of the most productive phytoplankton and zooplankton areas in the world, sustaining rich feeding and nursery grounds for more than 600 fish species , including high value species like tuna, lobster, cuttlefish, shrimps, shark and many more...
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The company is offering the Somaliland public to buy shares valued at $1 a share with no maximum limit until the target of $5 million is raised. The share taking will be based on first come first served which means that those that buy the shares early will get the top shares depending on the value of the shares that they buy . The company is expected to generate profit during the second year of its formation as the first year will be the formation of the business in Somaliland and building the infrastructure as well procuring the necessary equipment  such as industrial refrigerators  , delivery vans and trucks in addition to building cold storage warehouses. Berabera will be the main export hub of the fisheries and all infrastructure to sustain the export will be in place at the end of the first year of the company.
The fisheries business will target the Somaliland consumers first,  seconded by the 85 Million people  of Ethiopian market . Ethiopia has promised to give fishing export licence to the company and has encouraged the establishment of the business although it has not invested in Pontus  fisheries business. Other markets are expected to be The UAE, Saudi Arabia and China in the long run.
Last receipt of completed applications and subscription monies will be on the 30th Oct 2013 . Closing date will be 31st of Oct 2013.
For more information contact ; Pontus Marine Limited 
33, St James’s square , London, SW1Y 4JS
Photos from the event:
Mr . Mohamed Yusuf , the executive director of Pontus and Invicta presents the business programme of the project 

Queen Mary University Campus - East London

Sultan Mohamud talks about the need for the fisheries business - Photo by Medeshi

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Somalia : Al Shabaab kill two of their top commanders

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU |AFP| - Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab extremists have killed two of their own top commanders, one with a $5 million United States bounty on his head, the insurgents said Saturday.

Somalia : Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys of Al Shabaab flown to Mogadsihu

(Medeshi)- A top Islamist in Somalia, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, has arrived in the capital Mogadishu amid reports of a split in the al-Shabab group.
He was flown from the northern town of Adado, escorted by government security forces, but it is unclear whether he has surrendered or defected.
The United Nations says he gave himself up to government allies after infighting but clan elders deny this.
Mr Aweys is considered a terrorist by the UN and the United States.

Friday, June 28, 2013

London : Olympian Mo Farah Receives CBE from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace

(Medeshi) - Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah has received a CBE from Prince Charles during a service at Buckingham Palace.

The 5,000m and 10,000m specialist triumphed at both distances at the London Olympics last year and became one of Team GB's biggest stars.

Saudi Arabia Barricades Its Border, U.S.-Style

(Medeshi)- By Glen Carey - Bloomberg : From a new stone tower overlooking the border with Yemen, Saudi soldiers send out patrols in search of illegal immigrants drawn to the biggest economy in the Arab world. In the past year, dozens of observation posts have gone up along a 1,100-mile stretch in the southern province of Jazan, some positioned on mountain ridges, others just yards from where Yemenis herd goats through sand and brush. Lieutenant General Meladaan al-Meladaan, who’s responsible for protecting 52 miles, says his patrols catch as many as 70 people—from Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, Bangladesh—trying to sneak into the country each day.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stranded in Somaliland, the son of a South Hams water engineer pleads for help from the British Government (+Photos)

Nim'an Bowden standing in-front of a refugee
dome in Hargeisa Somaliland 
(Medeshi)- THE son of a South Hams water engineer murdered in Africa is pleading for help from the British Government. Nim’an Bowden, who lives in Somaliland, claims he is one of five children whose father Brian Bowden was from Dartmouth. Brian Bowden, who was born in Dartmouth in 1928, left Britain in  1958 to work for the Hargeisa Water Agency, in northern Somalia, what is now the self-declared  independent state of Somaliland. He later married a Somali woman.
At the start of 1991, as rival tribal militias fought to gain control of the country and overthrow President Mohamed Siad Barre, Mr Bowden was working at the British embassy in Somalia’s capital city Mogadishu.

Somalia : Bombing Rocks Kismayo as Factions Fight for Control

(Medeshi)- Mohammed Yusuf - VOA: In the Somali city of Kismayo, Kenyan forces took casualties Thursday when their convoy hit a roadside bomb. The attack comes as rival militias supporting different men for the leadership of newly created Jubaland state fight for control of the port city.

History : Somaliland Marks Independence After 73 Years of British Rule - 26 June 1960

(Medeshi)- The New York Times - Published on Sunday, June 26, 1960
Hargeysa, Somaliland, Sunday, June 26, 1960 (Reuters): Crowds danced in the streets here, bonfi res blazed from the hills and fireworks burst in the sky as last midnight spelled the end of Britain’s rule in Somaliland.

EU rehabilitates Somaliland’s main hospital

(Medeshi)- Today, the European Union has launched the rehabilitation project for the Hargeisa Group Hospital to improve access to health services for Hargeisa's rapidly growing population.

Dallas: 5 year old Somali boy found slain after riding away from home (+Photos)

(Medeshi)- FORT WORTH — A 5-year-old boy who reportedly was last seen alive as he rode away on his bicycle was found dead Wednesday in the back yard of a vacant house in southeast Fort Worth.

A woman delivering meals for a free-lunch program found Sida Osman, covered in blood, at 4801 Lois St., relatives said they were told.

“We believe that somebody hurt him,” said Ibrahim Muday, who said he is an uncle of the boy.

Somali warlords fight over Kismayo port

(Medeshi)-Mogadishu - Seven people have been killed in the latest fighting between rival Somali warlords battling for control of the southern port city of Kismayo, witnesses said on Thursday.

Gunmen from the Ras Kamboni militia of former Islamist warlord Ahmed Madobe - who last month appointed himself “president” of the southern Jubaland region - battled against forces loyal to Bare Hirale, a former Somali defence minister who also leads a powerful militia army.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Somali families' lifeline under threat (Video)

(Medeshi)- Jamal Osman - Channel 4 -Reporter
A money transfer system allowing UK families to send cash back home is under threat after Barclays said it wouldn't do business with transfer firms. Jamal Osman reports on the problem facing Somalia.

Dallas : Fort Worth police find body near where 5-year-old Somali boy went missing

(Medeshi)- Update at 2:45 p.m.: - By Matt Peterson - Dallas - Police have reportedly found a body not far from the apartments where a 5-year-old Somali boy went missing.

National Day of Djibouti today , June 27

(Medeshi)- Today - June 27 - is the National Day of Djibouti. A country in the Horn of Africa, Djibouti is bounded by Eritrea on the north, Ethiopia on the west and south, and Somalia on the southeast. The remainder of the border is formed by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The capital of Djibouti is the city of Djibouti. Located at this intersection of trade routes connecting the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea, and Africa with the Middle East, Djibouti has a long been an agricultural and commercial crossroads.

Somalia : Three dead in Kismayo port clashes

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU - At least three people were killed in a brief skirmish between rival militias in southern Somalia, witnesses said, the second deadly flare-up so far this month in the disputed strategic port of Kismayu.

The EU and Somalia announce "The New Deal for Somalia Conference" 16th September 2013

(Medeshi)- Press Release - The Federal Government of Somalia and The European Union (EU) are to co-host "The ew Deal For Somalia Conference" in Brussels on 16 September 2013. The international conference will endorse the "New Deal Compact" that will commit the Somali people and their international partners to a set of key priorities and new support for the reconstruction of Somalia over the next 3 years. The Conference is set to build on the momentum of progress and change in Somalia, supported by the recent international conferences on the country.

Sh. Hassan Dahir Aweys Captured in Central Somalia

(Medeshi)- Officials in central Somalia say a militant leader regarded by many as the spiritual leader of al-Shabab has been captured.

The officials told VOA's Somali service that Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys was taken into custody early Wednesday in the Himin and Heeb area.

Aweys led an alliance of groups that opposed the country's former U.N.-backed transitional government before merging with al-Shabab in 2010.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nationals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Ghana to pay £3,000 bond to enter Britain

(Medeshi)- FOREIGNERS from “high risk” countries will have to pay a £3,000 fee to enter Britain under a tough new crackdown on immigration abuse.

Why people in Africa are dying for a drink

(Medeshi)- Millions of people in Africa are still living in devastating drought conditions. They don't have access to clean water. They are literally dying for a drink
Practaical Action has created the following infographic to shed some light on the situation.

Improved toilets in Africa : Better sanitation to reduce disease (+Photos)

(Medeshi)- In areas where water is scarce and plumbing doesn't exist, communities are forced to share communal pit latrines, which are little more than holes in the ground framed by planks of wood. The even more unhygienic alternative is called a flying toilet, which simply consists of a plastic bag; these litter the slums. Both toilets pose huge risk of disease which in many cases can prove fatal.

Somalia may get new currency

(Medeshi)- BANA- IMF staff met in Kenya with officials of the new government of Somalia and discussed ways to help the country develop a macroeconomic policy. Creating a new currency was one of the issues discussed.
São Paulo - Somalia may have a new currency to be created by the government that was empowered in 2012.

Qatar's emir hands power to son in unusual Gulf abdication

(Medeshi)- Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani handed power on Tuesday to his son, Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim, in a rare abdication by a hereditary Gulf Arab ruler to try to ensure a smooth succession.

Monday, June 24, 2013

IMF renews dialogue with Somalia

(Medeshi)- WASHINGTON — The International Monetary Fund on Monday said it had renewed dialogue with Somalia after a 22-year break linked to unrest and political instability.

Aid agencies start projects to feed internal refugees in Somaliland

(Medeshi)- IN SUMMARY - Somaliland has been relying on foreign aid to support social services such as health and education, rehabilitation of water supplies and other infrastructure.
In Ainabo, about 400km from the Somaliland capital Hargeisa, half of the population is comprised of internal refugees displaced by conflict and drought.

Hassan Sa’ed, the mayor of Oog, a small town within Ainabo, says the resources in the area have been strained by the influx of the IDPs.

Race is on to Save Millions of Somalis and Their Vital UK Remittance Lifeline

(Medeshi)- LONDON, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --
Millions of Somalis are in danger of losing nearly $500m in vital remittances following news that Barclays is to withdraw banking services from up to 250 Money Service Businesses (MSBs) in the UK, including Africa's largest, Dahabshiil, along with a number of other Somali MSBs.

Saudi Arabia Switches Its Weekend to Fridays and Saturdays

(Medeshi)- By Ellen Knickmeyer
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has ordered most government bodies to switch to a Friday and Saturday weekend, overriding years of objections from religious conservatives about sharing a day off with Christians and Jews.

UK - Barclays faces pressure from Somali cash transfer firms

(Medeshi)- The UK government is being urged to stop Barclays closing the last account in Somalia which allows its citizens overseas to send money back home.

SOMSA Release : A Race to Save Vital UK Remittance Lifeline

(Medeshi)- The Horn of African communities face the prospect of losing millions in remittance finance following news that Barclays is to withdraw banking services from up to 250 of Money Service Businesses (MSBs) UK.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Qatari Emir to transfer power to the apparent heir

(Medeshi)- Move comes amid reports about Sheikh Hamad's intentions to transfer power to heir apparent, Sheikh Tamim.
Trusted sources have confirmed to Al Jazeera that the Qatari emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is due to meet members of the ruling family and prominent members of Qatari society on Monday.

Young Somali facing dangers in seeking better life overseas

(Medeshi)- For most of these young Somalis, the common means of getting abroad is a deadly voyage across the Aden Gulf on tiny, unreliable boats prone to capsizing.
Up to now, hundreds of Somali migrants have been killed in the rough, turbulent high seas with only a handful of them luck enough to survive to tell their story.

At least 15 killed in grenade attack in northern Kenya

(Medeshi)- Reuters - At least 15 people were killed in a grenade attack on Sunday in a remote village in northern Kenya where low-key clan clashes have displaced hundreds of people in the past week, the Kenya Red Cross and local officials said.

Britain builds £14m prison... in Somalia

(Medeshi)- BRITAIN is spending £14million on a jail to lock up terrorists and pirates — in Somalia.
By David Wooding- the Sun - Taxpayers’ money will also go to fund mobile criminal courts in lawless states currently plagued by al-Qaeda.