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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Somaliland : Demonstrations in Wajale after two persons were electrocuted

 - Wajale  16 March 2014- There are ongoing demonstrations in Wajale which started last night after two persons were electrocuted by electricity wiring  in the town, the local press reported.
One of the victims died immediately while the other , who was seriously injured , was take to  hospital for treatment of burns.
Photo : Agencies 

The two communities , whom the victims hail from , then started demonstrations in the city last night complaining of poor safety of the town electricity . The families burned tyres in the streets of the town and refused the deceased person to be buried.

On the other hand ,sound of gunfire  was heard today in some parts of the town and both the RRU (Rapid Redeployment Unit), the SPU (Special Police Unit )  and the public are said to have used arms.

No causalities were reported.
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