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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Somaliland president visits Lasqoray town of Sanaag region

 - Lasqoray , March 16  2014 - Somaliland president A.M . Silanyo and accompanying delegation today visited  Lasqoray town of the Sanag region.

The president who traveled via the coastal road from Berbera  spent the night in Maydh port of Sanaag and left early Sunday morning for Lasqoray which is more than 109 kilometres east of Erigavo , the capital of Sanaag region. The president laid during the visit , a foundation cornerstone for the rehabilitation  of Geldora road which mainly services  Lasqoray fish factory as well the southern plateau of the region and connects to Erigvao. The president  also visited Eil ma’an (Ceel macaan) project more than 15 kilometres east of Lasqaoray and promised to improve the productivity of the project through  government funding. The president will leave Lasqoray this evening back to Berbera through Maydh ,according to our sources .
Among the officials accompanying the president is the minister of defence of Somaliland who hails from Lasqoray district of Somaliland.
The visit was not  publicly announced for security reasons and is the first of its kind by an elected Somaliland president since Somaliland declared independence from the rest of Somalia.
Somaliland and Puntland claim territorial rights to parts of Sanaag and Soul regions although both regions were part of Somaliland republic as defined in the colonial boundaries before the failed union of Somaliland with Somalia in July 1st , 1960.
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