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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Meet Muhiim, an adorable six-month-old girl from Somaliland

 Meet Muhiim, an adorable six-month-old girl from Somaliland! Muhiim comes to Watsi through their  partner, Edna Adan Hospital. They say, “Muhiim was born with hydrocephalus, or water on the brain,” a condition that is often fatal without treatment.

“Muhiim’s parents are nomads; they have a few sheep and goats and wander the countryside looking for water and grazing land. They are uneducated and have very little money.” Though Muhiim was “originally taken to a traditional healer for treatment before she was brought to the hospital,” they have found that she needs a shunt insertion to drain excess fluid and relieve pressure in her brain.
Edna Adan Hospital writes that “with successful surgery and proper follow up treatment, Muhiim should be able to live a normal life.” This Watsi can help with! For $650, Watsi can relieve Muhiim’s symptoms and allow her to grow normally. Let’s give her this boost to live a full and healthy life!

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