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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Smoking , major cause of heart attacks in Somaliland - (Video)

Medeshi - Cigarettes are cheaper in Somaliland than in any other country in the World simply because tobacco companies dump cheap cigarettes in the third world to promote consumption. A pack of 20 costs $13 in UK while the same costs a fraction of that in Somaliland.

There is no data in Somaliland which shows  how many people die of heart attack but it is assumed that most of the people that die young as well as those in theie middle ages are the victims of smoking complicated by Khat chewing and poor diet. People should therefore,  be maid aware of the health hazards and the mental and physical effects of cigarettes on the whole population. Heavy tariffs should be imposed on cigarettes to discourage consumers from excessive smoking.
In this video , Public Health England creates awareness among public through the above video message:
"The video illustrates  the toxic cycle of cigarette smoke as it enters the blood and affects the lungs, heart and brain. It shows the damage that smoking can do to every part of the body -- and explains that every time you smoke, blood that is thick and dirty with toxins circulates through your body in seconds, increasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke."

So this is the message for the people of Somaliland , particularly the smokers :   If you could see the damage, you should stop.
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Nepotism: How Saudis succeed without doing any work

Medeshi - Nepotism at work can be the most frustrating thing for those who believe that hard work is the only way to achieve success.

London : Killer of Hassan Isman sent to court

Medeshi -  A man has appeared in court today accused of shooting a nightclub reveller dead on Boxing Day.

US : Crash leaves 4 Somalis dead, 2 hurt in northeast Iowa

Medeshi - A Friday morning crash in Fayette County left four people dead and two in serious condition, authorities said.

Friday, January 10, 2014

London : Vacancy for Somali speaking performer, Story Spinner

(Medeshi) - London Closes Friday 17 January 2014 Paid (£20k-25k pro rata) Part time Artform: museums, theatre, children's theatre

Australia : Ayaan Mohamed finally granted medical visa

(Medeshi) - An African woman who was denied permission to travel to Australia for facial reconstruction surgery by the Gillard government has had a second visa application approved.

U.S. military presence in Somalia

(Medeshi) - The U.S. military has deployed a small number of uniformed trainers and advisers to the failed state of Somalia for the first time since 1993, when two helicopters were shot down and 18 Americans were killed in the failed “Black Hawk Down” operation.

Kenya carries out deadly air strike on al-Shabaab inside Somalia

(Medeshi) - At least 30 members of the militant Islamist group al Shabaab have been killed in an air strike on one of their training camps in Somalia, Kenya’s military said on Friday.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Albanian Police seize 13 Eritrean and Somali immigrants

(Medeshi) - TIRANA, Jan. 9  -- Albanian police on Thursday seized 13 illegal immigrants from Eritrea and Somalia when they arrived at the Jorgucat village, 20 km off Gjirokaster city, south of Albania, Xinhua  reports.

Press release : Development Secretary meets UK Somalis in Ealing

(Medeshi) - Justine Greening met with members of the UK's Somali community in London to discuss Britain’s aid and development programmes across Somalia.


(Medeshi) - On an ordinary night, after the sun sets over Hargeisa, Somaliland, Mohamed packs up his shoe-shine kit and heads to the storm drain where he lives when he’s not working.

Deported from Saudi Arabia, Ethiopian migrants find dilemma at home

(Medeshi) ADDIS ABABA, 9 January 2014 -IRIN - They went in a bid to escape poverty, but few really succeeded, even if they did find work.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shebab militants in Somalia ban Internet

(Medeshi) - MOGADISHU: Militants from the Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab on Wednesday banned citizens in the areas of Somalia they control from using the Internet.


(Medeshi) - Videos of shattering temperature records in the US

Somalia : Puntland Lawmakers Elect Former PM as President

(Medeshi) - Former Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali was elected president of the semi-autonomous Puntland region in a vote by lawmakers, narrowly defeating the incumbent who conceded defeat.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

London Somali community mourns the passing of Abdi Gouhad - a great Somali artist

(Medeshi) -  London - Tuesday  January 7 , 2014 - Abdi Gouhad  , a famous Somali actor and artist , passed away peacefully on Friday the 3rd of January 2014 and was buried yesterday in London.

London : Missing Somali teenage girl from Kilburn is found

(Medeshi) -  A vulnerable Somali teenage girl from Kilburn who has been missing since New Year’s Eve has been found according to kilburn website report.

Thousands of asylum seekers protest in Israel - Video

(Medeshi) - January 6, 2014 — More than 30,000 African asylum seekers have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv in the largest-ever protest by migrants in Israel’s history, demanding the government to recognise their status as refugees. Al Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman reports from Tel Aviv.

London : White City man convicted of raping escort may have fled to Somalia

(Medeshi) - A man convicted of raping an escort may have escaped to Somalia while another was jailed for seven years for the same crime.

Somaliland set to usher in major port investment

(Medeshi) -By Eleanor Whitehead
The breakaway state is finalising a huge port investment, boosting its efforts to serve as a trade hub between the African and Arab worlds

Video - The short road to self-employment in Somalia

(Medeshi) -ICRC Training : In Somalia, decades of conflict and natural calamities have frustrated the normal coping strategies of its otherwise resilient population.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Kenya : Khat producers left high and dry after UK ban

(Medeshi) - A UK ban on khat - widely used in the Somali community - comes into force in the next few months. But there is anger in Kenya, where thousands of farmers depend on exports of the herbal stimulant.

Saudi Arabia : Human body parts ‘fall from sky’ in Jeddah

(Medeshi) - JEDDAH: Human body parts fell from the sky in the Saudi city of Jeddah on Sunday, with police saying they could be the remains of someone trapped in an aircraft’s undercarriage bay.

Saudi Arabia : 29 hurt after Saudi passenger plane crash lands in Medina

(Medeshi) - Twenty-nine passengers were injured when a Saudia flight suffered a landing gear failure and was forced to make an emergency landing in Madinah early Sunday, aviation officials said.

Somalia soldier executed in Mogadishu over pupil murder

(Medeshi) - A firing squad has executed a soldier in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, after a military court convicted him of murdering a school pupil last year.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kuwait : Ethiopian Maid In Suicide Bid - ‘Better To Die’

(Medeshi) - KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: An Ethiopian housemaid tried to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of a vehicle in Taima.

Water wars : Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan fail to compromise over Grand Renaissance dam

(Medeshi) - Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan failed to reach an agreement in the tripartite negotiations regarding the construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance dam, state news agency MENA reported.

British dept accused of sending weapons to Somali pirates

(Medeshi) - London, Jan. 5 (ANI): The British Government is taking an urgent review over why nearly 44,000 guns in only 15 months were sent to tackle piracy in East Africa and a number of other repressive regimes.

London : Police appeal over the killing of Hassan Isman Omer

(Medeshi) - Police investigating the death of a man shot dead inside a nightclub on Boxing Day have released pictures of two people they want to trace.

Book : Churchill and the Mad Mullah of Somaliland

(Medeshi) - Review - Roy Irons - In the late nineteenth century, the British Empire commanded the seas and possessed a vast Indian Empire, as well as other extensive dominions in South East Asia, Australasia, America and Africa.

US - 3rd Somali dies after Minnesota apartment explosion

(Medeshi) - ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) A third person injured in an explosion at a Minneapolis apartment building housing Somali immigrants has died, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office said Saturday.