Pontus Marine LTD- Leader of fishing industry in Somaliland

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Somaliland : Poor fire protection services burn Hargeisa Kaah business to ashes

  - Hargeisa 3 May 2014 - News coming from Somaliland indicates that  a fire that broke-out at Kaah Business center today in Hargeisa reduced the business into ashes without fire rescue team arriving  at the scene  and with owners and civilians watching it helplessly.

Somali official among 7 killed in Shebab bombing near Turkish embassy in Mogadishu

 - 03 May 2014 - At least seven people were killed on May 3, among them a prominent Somali official, in a bomb attack by Islamist militants in the centre of the capital Mogadishu, officials said.

Blast targeting gov't vehicle kills 5 in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- A Somali police official says five people have died and six others wounded when a bomb believed to have been targeting a government vehicle exploded in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital.

Friday, May 2, 2014

From Fast To Breakfast: Mo Farah Fronts Weetabix Ultimate Sports Day

 - Double Olympic champion launches campaign giving children the chance to win their Ultimate Sports Day

Kenya: Traders Seek Help to Reverse Khat Export Ban

 - Nairobi — The Nyambene Miraa Trade Association is requesting support from the government to reverse the ban on miraa exports to the United Kingdom.

Press release -Britain’s top diplomats visited Somalia on 28th April

 - Head of Diplomatic Service and Permanent Secretary at Department for International Development meet President and Prime Minister of Somalia.
On 28th April the UK’s top diplomatic and international development officials, Sir Simon Fraser and Mark Lowcock, visited Somalia in their first joint visit to the country. Sir Simon is Permanent Under Secretary of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Head of Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service. Mark Lowcock is Permanent Secretary at the UK’s Department for International Development.

Ethiopia protest: Ambo students killed in Oromia state

 - At least nine students have died during days of protests in Ethiopia's Oromia state, the government has said.

War, late rains spark Somalia 'crisis' warning

 - AFP - War and delayed rains in Somalia are putting thousands of lives at risk, especially in areas where African Union troops are battling Islamist extremists for control, the United Nations said Friday.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

South Africa to support Somaliland in getting World recognition

 - Hargeisa  1st May 2014 -Somaliland president received in his office today a delegation from South Africa who will support Somaliland to get World recognition.

Somali men needed to take part as extras in a big Blockbuster Movie in London

 -  The Casting Collective Limited in London is looking for real Somali men to be Extras.

London : 23rd Somaliland independence anniversary celebrations to be held at Troxy Hall on May 18 2014

 - Official 18th of May committee in partnership with Somaliland Communities in the UK, are delighted to invite you to join them in celebrating the 23th anniversary of Somaliland independence, on Sunday 18th May 2014 at Troxy Hall , 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX

Farmers in Somaliland Find Success in the Face of Nature’s Challenges

 -GOGOL-WANAAG, Somaliland—Sheikh Muhumed Dhinbil Cumar sits in a bit of shade chewing khat as he muses over how farming in his village has changed over recent generations. His father and his father before him—12 or 13 generations of his family, he says—were all farmers in this area, with tenuous livelihoods subject to unpredictable rainfall and drought.

News Websites Blocked in Somaliland Following Reports Critical of Officials

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is worried about the Somaliland administration's decision to intensify its campaign to suppress and intimidate Haatuf newspaper by blocking access to its news site www.haatuf.net in Somaliland.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Turkey donates emergency vehicles to Somaliland (Photos)

 - 30 April 2014  Hargeisa  - A delegation from Turkey handed over  today a number of vehicles to Somaliland government  for the sole purpose of emergency services mainly in the form of ambulances.

US - Father of Somali teenage stowaway arrives in Hawaii

 - REUTERS - The father of a 15-year-old Somali boy has arrived in Honolulu, where his son is in a hospital after surviving a trip from California to Hawaii stowed away in the wheel well of a jet, Hawaii officials on Tuesday.

South Africa : Somali nationals arrested for 'khat'

 - JOHANNESBURG - Two Somalian nationals were arrested in Johannesburg on Monday for being in possession of the drug Mirra, which originates from Ethiopia, Johannesburg metro police said on Monday.

Position letter: Somaliland media may undermine the country's fragile democracy

 - Public Release: Somaliland-018 - Horn Watch 
We, the undersigned pro-democracy movements in Somaliland, comprising of independent civil society networks and umbrellas ranging from human rights defenders and minority rights lobbyists, the disabled people’s activists, wish to present our findings and position on the dispute between the Government of Somaliland and pravite owned Haatuf Media Network (HMN).

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ugandan colonel who returned from Somalia faces death

 - BY SIRAJE LUBWAMA - Observer - A UPDF officer formerly with the African Union mission in Somalia (Amisom) returns to court next week facing the possibility of a death sentence, after a key witness pinned him in the court martial on April 24. Lt Col David K. Matua, who was commanding officer of armoured elements and operations and training officer (OPTO), is on trial for ill-treating a subordinate and failing to service war tanks in time.

Guul Group : Young entrepreneur abandons life in the West to spearhead investments in Somaliland

 - Hargeisa  29 April 2014 -  To many people outside Africa, the word ‘Somalia’ conjures up all sorts of international media-inspired nightmare scenarios: failed state, civil war, lawlessness, collapsed social, health and economic systems. What many people do not realise is that there is another country called ‘Somaliland’, which is a completely separate country from the Somalia that has been consumed by wars and civil strife for the past three decades, and from which it declared independence in May 18 , 1991.

Monday, April 28, 2014

18 May Somaliland independence celebrations to be held at Bristol City Hall

 - April 29 - 2014 - Celebrations for the 23rd anniversary of the secession of Somaliland from the rest of Somalia will be held at Bristol City Hall on Friday the 16th of May 2014.

Saudi respiratory virus death toll passes 100 mark

 - (Arab News) - Monday 28 April 2014 - The death toll from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the Kingdom reached 102 on Sunday with 10 new deaths during the past 24 hours as authorities scrambled to reassure an increasingly edgy population.

Somalia recalls ambassador to Kenya after diplomat arrest

 - MOGADISHU - Somalia has temporarily recalled its ambassador to Kenya following the arrest and alleged harassment of one of its diplomats in Nairobi, officials said Monday.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Call to protect freedom of press in Somaliland

 - 28 April 2014 - We call upon the Somaliland government and the public to uphold freedom of press in Somaliland .

Teen stowaway wanted to reunite with mom in Somalia - Info-graphic

 - SAN JOSE, Calif. 27 April , 2014 -  He was young, displaced and frustrated, and he wanted nothing more than to reunite with his mother in their native Somalia.

Somaliland: Democracy Held Aloft

 - By Jimale Madar “Somalilander” - It is  win-win for all around to cement our national unity, ward off fragmenting intrusions, foster peaceful coexistence, establish cordial relations with one another, foster partnerships with useful entities, uphold the norms and values in democracy that wholly mould into our culture and faith, and to maintain all of the above till death do us apart.

Press release on establishing Kenya representation office in Somaliland

 - 27 April 2014 - Hargeisa, Somaliland - The following press release was issued today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland after a team examining ways of establishing  Kenya representation office completed their visit to the country. The press release reads as follows : 

Holland : Refugee status for Somali pirates unacceptable : MP Malik Azmani says

 - It would be unacceptable if three Somali men convicted of piracy were to be given refugee status in the Netherlands, according to VVD parliamentarians.

Kenya : Pregnant Somali woman falls from 3rd floor in fear of police arrest

 - April 27 , 2014 - A pregnant woman  from Somalia fell from the third floor of the building she lived in Nairobi's Eastleigh neighbourhood.