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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Somaliland dismisses Somalia's Estimation Survey result

(Medeshi)- Hargeisa - Somaliland Minister of Planning said in a  press conference this morning , that the population estimate by Somalia launched this week is totally  irrelevant to  Somaliland and that the estimate only covers Somalia.

The minister said that the statistics presented by the Ministry of Planning of Somalia is only for that country and that Somaliland has already carried out its population census which is currently held by the Ministry of Planning of Somaliland
The estimated statistical report launched on Monday in Mogadishu shows as follows: -
"A number of UN agencies and the Somali government unveil the population of Somalis (in Somalia and Somaliland people) as an estimated 12 million of which nearly 3.6 million live in Somaliland."

The last population census in Somalia was conducted in 1985/86 but no results were released.
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