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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Somaliland - Erigavo local goverment failed to maintain streets - Pics

(Medeshi)- The streets of Erigvao city often turn into ruins during the rainy season. Mud and stagnant water make it difficult for the people and the transport to move.The city is overwhelmed by  puddles when it rains. It takes days for the mud to dry .

Photos from Erigavo streets .
Stones exposed by the running rainwater also pose another hazard to the public.
The local government officials elected by the people have failed to maintain the streets and create pedestrian paths for the people specially during the rainy season.The roads are hazardous both to the people and the vehicles as can be seen in these photos.

The only proper pedestrian footpath that can be seen in these photos is among the few that had been built by the British during the colonial era.
Erigavo tax payers deserve better roads and proper drainage systems. The mud and the stagnant  water accumulated in the streets as shown in these photos are hazard to the health of the public.
Those who have been elected by the people have sure failed to deliver their duty and therefore, have lost public trust. Their chances of re-election are minimal.

Photos from Erigavo streets.

Photos from Erigavo streets.

Photos from Erigavo streets.

Photos from Erigavo streets. 

Photos from Erigavo streets. 

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