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June 29, 2015

Ethiopia's choices over ports include Berbera of Somaliland

Ethiopia to widen choices over ports . REDUCING DEPENDENCY: Currently the Port of Djibouti handles 90% of Ethiopia’s imports and exports.

DDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopia wants to reduce its dependency on the Port of Djibouti by developing links with Mombasa Port in Kenya, Berbera Port in Somaliland, and Port Sudan in Sudan writes JOHN SAMBO.

Presently, well over 90% of Ethiopia’s imports and exports pass through Djibouti Port at the mouth of the Red Sea.

In February this year, Workeneh Gebeyehu, the Minister for Transport while briefing  the Federal legislature said, “Five to 10% of the country’s imports are planned to come through the port of Berbera (Somaliland), and we will be looking for proper ports for different areas of the country. But the Port of Djibouti continues to be the major one,” he said.
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