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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Somaliland Civil Society Organizations publish human rights report

Somaliland Civil Society Organizations publish human rights report

Following is the human rights report published today by the Somaliland Civil Society Organisations. The report is comprehensive and touches all aspects of human rights practices in Somaliland.

Background and Methodology
1. Somaliland British Protectorate gained its independence from Britain in 26th June 1960 and united with Italian Somalia to establish Somali Republic in 1st July 1960.However, the corrupted military dictatorship of Siyad Barre committed serious human rights violations in Somaliland where thousands of civilians were massacred and killed by the government of Siyad Barre. After the dictatorship of Siyad Barre regime was overthrown, the people of Somaliland declared their independence in 1991 and over the past 24 years Somaliland succeeded to maintain peace, stability
and home- grown democracy. But the Republic of Somaliland has not yet been recognized by the international community, although international community deals with Somaliland as de facto state.

2. The civil society organizations (CSOs) in Somaliland have prepared this report which was the first time in its kind. It was drafted and developed through inclusive and participatory process. 40 civil society organizations took part the preparation of the report (see the annex). The methodology which was used the development of report was a qualitative approach whereas some consultative workshops, focus groups discussions and interviews conducted in between 12th March to 29th June 2015. Literature review was also extensively made.

3. The CSOs were divided into seven thematic working groups. Consultative teams were also sent to all regions of Somaliland from March to June 2015. Moreover, it is remarkable to mention that the CSOs of Somaliland are undertaking wider policy advocacy initiatives on human rights issues; accountability, good governance and promoting access to justices. The CSOs in Somaliland are instrumental to advocate the issues of human rights at all levels.

4. This report would have not been possible without the technical support of United Nations Assistance Mission in Somaliland/Somalia (UNSOM). The CSOs are very grateful to UNSOM, particularly to the Human Rights Section of UNSOM in Hargeisa Office. Special thanks to Anita Mongane and Ahmed Osman for their tireless support and hardworking.

5. CSOs express their gratitude to Somaliland Human Rights Centre which compiled and coordinated the report and Somaliland Non State Actors Forum (SONSAF) for its leadership, and facilitating the process of the report.
Read the report in PDF here Universal Periodic Review Somaliland Civil Society Organizations Submission