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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Somaliland president to fly to Saudi Arabia

Somaliland president to fly to Saudi Arabia

Medeshi - Hargeisa - Somaliland president will fly to Saudi Arabia shortly according to local sources. The president who has visited the United Arab Emirates late last month is set to open a representation office for Somaliland in the Kingdom. The trip comes after an invitation from the Kingdom that has been sent recenty to the Somaliland president. This is positive development for the relations between Somaliland and richest country in the Arab World. Near normal recognition could be sensed here.

Somaliland has in turn agreed to send military forces to Saudi Arabia to fight against the Yemen rebels as leaked to the press. Local agencies have reported that at last 500 trained Somaliland soldiers will be deployed in Saudi Arabia to fight against the Yemen rebels. It is believed that young men of 25 years old are the target groups for recruitment. Decent salaries and remunerations are in offer.
Some local papers have circulated that Somaliland government has signed a deal with the Saudis during the recent visit of Somaliland head of state to the UAE

Somaliland opposition parties have voiced their concern about sending young Somalilanders to a war zone in a volatile region in the Gulf of Arabia. They claim that recruitment of the soldiers and finalisation of the deal are illegal and do not conform to Somaliland law. Neither the Guurti nor the parliament have been consented and have therefore not passed the deal.

Somaliland seceded from Somalia on May 18 , 1991 after a bloody civil war that killed tens of thousands of Somaliland civilians.The country has its own army , security forces , flag , currency , banking system and elected government.