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September 22, 2015

Cartoon: Puntland president drank tribalism and there is no cure for it

Cartoon on tribalism in Puntland.

(Medeshi)- Amin Amir is a Canadian cartoonist of Somali origin who advocates for justice, equality and social change among the Somali-speaking population Worldwide. In this episode, Amin Amir comments on the president of Puntland who is often accused of being clannish and unfair to others that inhabit the region.
Here is the translation of the Somali text in the cartoon:
in the left-hand corner two person comment as follows in the cartoon:
Dr. This man has heavily used a tablet named "Puntland" and the Dr. that had prescribed it is not known..
Another one retorts:
"Ow, it may be that this man has been poisoned by Dr.Faroole."
The Dr. with a syringe in his hand says:
"Ow I understand that he took the wrong medication. The man is history and won't survive long. I will give this injection to make him to survive till 2016. There is no cure for tribalism and this man drank tribalism.