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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

London - Somali Week Festival 2015

(Medeshi)- Kayd Somali Arts and Culture, in collaboration with partners is proud to present Somali Week Festival (SWF) 2015. This year’s festival will run from Friday 23 October to Sunday 1 November at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London, E2 6HG and various other venues.

Somali Week Festival is an integral part of Black History Month and offers the best of Somali arts and culture, both old and new. The festival offers a mix of events including poetry, literature, panel discussions, documentary film screenings and music.  Through these different artistic forms, Somali Week Festival has explored a variety of themes in past years and has become a widely recognised and anticipated annual event in the UK.

Theme of the Year: Space
This year’s festival is centred on the theme of ‘space’. It’s about experimenting with innovative and emerging spaces for Somali arts. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the spaces we have inhabited and carved out for the arts over the years, and the spaces that are being eroded or are currently under threat, while looking forward to developing, expanding and enriching new spaces. Festival participants will be invited to explore what it means to inhabit, create, move between and beyond different artistic spaces, be they physical or psychological, public or private.

This festival is an opportunity for artists to continue to explore alternative creative outlets for their work while also looking at ways of reviving traditional spaces that are vastly disappearing. Furthermore, the festival will be a space to investigate creative forms of collaboration amongst artists of different ages and levels of experience; it will provide a platform to share practices and to discuss, interact, and work together. This year, we are delighted to welcome international guests – artists, writers, scholars, journalists and activists; Maxamed Abdi Said ‘Maxamed BK’, Daud Ali ‘Masahaf’, Sahra Ilays, AnabGuleid, Mataano, Ladan Osman, Mohamed Adow, Ugaaso Boocow, Professor Cawo Abdi,  Dr Sada Mirre,  Ibrahim Hersi Hurre ‘Dayrwaa’, Abdidhuh Yusuf, Abdirahman  Farah Guri ‘Barwaaqo’, Abdilqaadir Abdi ‘Shube’,  Dr Rasheed Farrah, Safia Aidid, Dr Siham Rayale, Rashiid Maxamed Shabeelle, Farah Gaamuute, Said Salah Ahmed, and Abdi M Dahir.

These guests will be sharing a platform and collaborating with UK artists and guests; Prince Abdi,Nadifa Mohamed, Aar Maanta,
Mahamed Haykel, Abdirahman Mohammed Abtidoon, Autumn Sharif,Nimco Degan, Ridwan Osman, Firdos Ali, Elmi Ali,  Amaal Said, Hibaaq Osman, Zainab Dahir, Nimco Yaasin,Kaltuun Bacado, Macalow, Mohamud Omar ‘Walaalaha Sweden’, Said Hussein, Dr Martin Orwin, Maryan Mursal,Asha Luul Mohamed, Laila Osman, Laila Duale, Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi, Dr.Idil Osman, Mohammed Abdullahi Artan, Farxiya Fiska, Lul Hassan Kulmiye, Farah Ahmed Hassan, Sheikh Mohamoud Sheikh Dalmar, Yasmiin Ibrahim, Yasmein Abdalla, and many more.

For the first time, Somali Week Festival will migrate around various venues. We will launch the week at our usual venue at Oxford House and hold events at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Institute of Education and Camden Irish Centre. In addition, one of the festival days will run in partnership with the Black South West Network and local Somali organisations in Bristol.

If you would like further information about Somali Week Festival, book tickets or a stall, or volunteer, please email info@kayd.org . For the latest news and updates visit our website www.kayd.org and follow us on Twitter @somaliweekfest

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture
Address: Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6HG.
Email Address: info@kayd.org

Here’s a few of event highlights:

Friday 23 October
Somali week festival launch - 6pm to 10pm
Come and hear from archaeologist Dr Sada Mirre, Prof Cawo Abdi and activists and poet Ladan Osman, Martin Owen, Asha-Luul Mohamoud and Anab Guled who will launch the festival. The event will conclude with a live performance by Mahamed Said BK


Oxford House in Bethnal Green
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG London

Sunday 25 October
6pm to 8:30 pm - Art at the Margins
9pm to 10pm An evening with Aar Maanta
This event is dedicated to art forms and art spaces that are at risk of being lost or pushed to the margins. Writer and scholar Barwaaqo and Theatre Director Abdi Dhuh Yusuf will engage in a conversation on the topic of space and reflect on their work, and on the future holds of Somali language, music and theatre with teacher, poet, and playwright Said Salah Ahmed. The evening with close with a concert by Aar Maanta, the voice of the new generation of Somali musicians in the UK who will perform with his band.
Oxford House in Bethnal Green
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG London

Monday 26 October
 6:30pm to 10pm – Somali Week festival in partnership with SOAS, Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies, And UCL. Dealing with diversity in the Somali culture & Somali studies at a crossroads
This evening will be dedicated to exploring themes surrounding the voices, history, culture on Somali society in the Horn and the diaspora. Social and political movements have emerged from the Horn that shows multiple claims to power, diverse social relations and in some cases changing landscapes. In a two-part discussion this session will address some enduring issues.

SOAS Khalili Lecture Theatre, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Tuesday 27th October
 6:30pm to 10pm – In conversation with Prof Cawo Abdi and Play: the Struggle by Firdos
Two decades after the start of the civil war, the Somali diaspora has become a site of cultural and artistic production as well as a popular topic of academic and literary work. Sociologist Professor Cawo Abdi will launch her recently published manuscript, Journeys of Hope and Pain: The Somali Diaspora, focusing on an African Muslim migrant group dispersed around the globe. It poses common migration questions on a comparative broader scale.
Suuban makes a YouTube video explaining how she is doubly discriminated against: she is black and she is Muslim. When the video goes viral she becomes the voice of her community but her new found fame has unwelcome consequences. MI5 pressure her relentlessly for help in preventing teenage girls from joining ISIS. And some of her community turn against her, digging up secrets from her family’s past in Somalia.

Oxford House in Bethnal Green
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG London

Wednesday 28th October
6pm to 10pm - Somali week festival fusion
Camden Somali Cultural Centre in parnership with Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is excited to host a mix of all things diaspora and homeland. We will be bringing a fusion of Somali-British spoken word exploring identity, space, time and culture. Following a week long poetry workshop with Camden school children, poets Elmi Ali, Amaal Said and Hibaaq Osman will perform their personal and powerful poems depicting life as they see it. We are also honored to host the sensational visiting guests from Somalia and Somaliland showcasing the richness of Somali tradition and musical sound. Sahra Ilays and Abdulqaadir Shube bring their unique talent to the Camden Irish centre.

Camden Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB

Thursday 29th October
6pm to 10pm – Under a watchful eye: Somalis in the media, oxford house
In the latter half of the past decade Somalis have come under strict scrutiny from the international media, which continues to draw on negative stories that fuel the stereotypes associated with Somalis today.

This conversation will explore the different ways in which Somalis can challenge the one-sided view currently being offered by the media. It will look at a range of platforms such as national and international media and tools like social media to empower the people to have their voices heard and change their own narrative.
Concluding with live performances from poets Ladan Osman and Asha Luul Mohamed, and a performance by vocalist Maryam Mursal.


Oxford House in Bethnal Green
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG London

Friday 30th October
6pm to 10pm – Breaking boundaries: Somalis in the mainstream
This evening will be dedicated to young artists who are becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream arts scene. Mataano is a Somali owned designer brand co-owned by twins Ayaan and Idyl Moallim originally from Texas, USA. Ayaan and Idyl will be in conversation withInstagram phenomenon Ugaaso Bocoow, where they’ll discuss their journey into creating the biggest Somali-inspired designer company in the West. We will also have performances byAutumn Sharif, Farhiya Fisca and her band.

Oxford House in Bethnal Green
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG London

Saturday 31st October
6pm to 10pm – Flourishing spaces: New Somali literature
A session dedicated to promote the launch of the recently published work in scholarly studies of the Somali language, organised in partnership with Redsea Cultural Foundation. Rashid Mohamed Shabeelle, a writer residing in the Netherlands will present his revised edition of Ma dhabbaa Jacalay waa loo dhintaa?
Researchers at the department of African studies, University of Naples, having been working in collaboration with Redsea cultural foundation on a study led by Jama Musse Jama to create a new tool for the linguistic analysis of the Somali language for Hadraawi's classic poem "Gudude" which is a pilot project within the Somali corpus project. Rashid Sheikh Abdullahi and Farah ‘Gamuute’ will deliver the first item.
During the event, there will also be a number of other guests including Abdirahman Mohammed Abtidoon, who will evaluate the effectiveness of his nationwide rural literacy short film campaign. Zainab Dahir will share her new publications in youth literature, Jawaahir Farah will run a workshop on Somali traditional games for children, Said Jama Hussein will present his new edition of Safarkii aan jiho lahayn (travelling without love), and Mahamed Mahamoud Haykel will present his book on abusing khat.

Oxford House in Bethnal Green
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG London

Sunday 1st November 2015 - 17:30-22:00pm
Somali Week Festival -Final Tunes
The closing event  of Somali Week festival will bring together visiting musicians Mahamed BK, Daa’ud Ali Madxaf, and Sahra Ilays with a UK-based musicians including Nimca Yaasin, Kaltuun Bacado, Macalow,  Nimo Degan, Mohamud Omar, Walaalaha Sweden and many more for a final night of entertainment in the centre of the city.

Logan theatre, Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way
WC1H 0AL London
United Kingdom