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October 15, 2015

Somaliland : Going it alone

SAHRA HALGAN, a musician, fled Hargeisa in Somaliland  in 1991.

(The Economist)-  SAHRA HALGAN, a musician, fled Hargeisa in Somaliland  in 1991. The city she left was a smoking ruin; most of the population was scattered. But in 2013, after 22 years living in France and working as a cleaner, she felt the urge to return. “I love France, but my country is called Somaliland,” she says. And so she set up a restaurant. At weekends, it fills up with Coca-Cola-sipping young men in smart shirts and women in bright silk head-dresses. Musicians strum the lute-like oud and sing folk songs, as plates of camel meat and spiced rice circulate and the audience hold up their iPhones to take selfies.
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