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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blow-by-blow report on Kenyan Forces atrocities in Somalia

In Summary - By Ivan Habil - Daily Nation
The JFJ report was motivated by the fact that the death toll from Al-Shabaab attacks inside Kenya have risen to more than 400, leading to questions on whether Operation Linda Nchi is actually delivering on its promise.

The report asserts that the KDF, rather than taking the fight to Al-Shabaab, is actually in “garrison mode”, sitting in bases while senior commanders are engaged in corrupt business practices with the Jubaland administration and Al-Shabaab.
The report cites sources inside KDF, the Kenyan Parliament and foreign embassies all of which described a situation in which a high ranking military official is at the head of a smuggling network which includes commanders of KDF within Amisom and “key figures in the Ministries of Defence, Immigration and State House, and that this network enjoys the protection and tacit co-operation of leaders at the highest echelons of the Executive and the National Assembly.”
The JFJ report asserts that KDF “is heavily involved and that” the Jubaland administration of Ahmed Madobe and Al-Shabaab are all benefitting from shares in a trade that is worth, collectively, between $200 million and $400 million.”
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