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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Somaliland - Khat delivery truck swept away by flood at Aw-Barkadle village

Heavy rains cause floods in Somaliland
Still picture captured from Facebook

(Medeshi)- Floods caused by heavy rains that fell at the highlands south of Awbarkhadle swept away this morning a loaded khat delivery truck at the Irish crossing in the  village. The driver and a worker were rescued by the public .
There are half a dozen dry river beds between Hargeisa and Berbera . Theses crossings are flooded during the rainy seasons and many cars are swept away due to miscalculation of the strength of the floods by the drivers.
The road between Berbera and Hargeisa was built in 1972  by CAT , a Lebanese company subcontracted by the then Somali government.  The contract for road construction was awarded to the lowest bidder, contracting and trading company (CAT of Lebanon) in February 1972. The road construction was completed on May  1975.
Most funds allocated to build bridges on these riverbeds had been misspent by the corrupt government members and the company.
Heavy rains are expected to continue falling in all regions of Somaliland according to the satellite weather forecast as a result of the aftermath of cyclone Chapala.

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