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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey treats Somaliland like the Kurds in its mediation effort in Ankara - Minister

(Medeshi)- Hargeisa – Somaliland interior minister has issued a strong warning against the plan to transfer the talks between Somalia and Somaliland to traditional leaders.
The government of Somaliland has warned the public and the traditional leaders not to participate in any conference deciding on the future of Somaliland republic, according to the local press.

Waran Ade , the minister of interior affairs of Somaliland during his current visit to Sanaag region told the press that : “Turkey treats Somaliland like the Kurds in its current mediation between Somalia and Somaliland. We have  therefore, decided to withdraw from the mediation talks between Somalia and Somaliland in Turkey and call upon the international community to send mediators from different nationalities in the process “. The minister said that Somaliland sees Turkey as not an honest mediator in the talks between Somalia and Somaliland.

The minister has issued a stern warning to Turkey and Somalia not to interfere in Somaliland politics and its affairs. Minister Waranade said that “ Somaliland has decided that it will not participate in any mediation conference between Somaliland and Somalia without the wide presence of the international community . He also warned the traditional leaders to stay away from activities not permitted by law and that they should concentrate on their responsibilities as traditional leaders.

On the other hand, Somaliland elders have held a conference and criticized the Turkish government and said that “the Turkish government has failed to mediate between the two countries who united in 1960 and then separated in 1991.. Somaliland has decided to separate from Somaliland and there is no return on that decision. We call upon the international community to differentiate between Somaliland and Somalia as these are two different countries”, the elders concluded.
Translated from Somali by Medeshi

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