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Friday, December 11, 2015

Climate change in Somaliland - in pictures

The Guardian - More than 240,000 people in Somaliland do not have enough food because of acute droughts caused by poor rains.
Save the Children, which is building wells and reservoirs and providing chlorination, warns that malnutrition rates – especially for children under five – are alarming and likely to increase
Photographs by Felicity McCabe/Save the Children

After losing almost all of her livestock to drought, Shukri , 50, moved to Gargara, a village in Somaliland, where she received emergency water.

‘The last three years have been so tough because the rains didn’t come. I used to have 200 goats, sheep, camels and donkeys. But now I have just 10 goats left. My livestock died because there was nothing left for them to eat. I used to feel like a rich woman because I had everything I needed – milk, butter, meat. Now I have none of these. The droughts have caused everyone to suffer’

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