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Monday, December 14, 2015

Job opportunities in Hargeisa - Conducting Qualitative Research Training Somalia/Somliland

References for Qualitative Data , Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO , Consultant/Trainer

Conducting Qualitative Research Training for Research Staff of the Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP, www.ocvp.org )
December 2015

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Background and Context
The Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP) is a non-partisan independent non-governmental organization working to improve the socio-economic conditions of Somali regions through the promotion of community security, peacebuilding and sustainable development. Established in 2009, the OCVP visions a peaceful, secure and prosperous Somali-speaking community in the Horn of Africa. In achieving this, the OCVP provides reliable data on peacebuilding and governance for shaping policy, developing responses and monitoring progress, at a time when the country is emerging from the prolonged conflict and local institutions need to be nurtured with information that can help respond to persistent local social issues.

OCVP carefully approaches its different programmes from research, training and advocacy perspectives, drawing on the data collected at district levels and disseminating findings to various stakeholders at district, regional and national levels to inform policy and programming. OCVP is situated at the crossroads between academia, community practice and policy-making. It is linked to the growing number of local academic institutions as well as to international networks of academic research institutions involved in conflict resolution, peace building, humanitarian issues and sustainable development. Its activities include: conflict resolution and management, early warning and response network, post-conflict development, post-conflict governance and evidence-based programming, environment and sustainable development, and humanitarian relief issues.
The District Conflict and Security Assessment is the research flagship of the OCVP and it focus on community perception on the state of conflict, governance, justice, as well as safety and security at the district-level.  Continual assessment of the issues directly affecting the community’s safety and security is critical for effective evidence-led programming, informed decision making and determining results and impact of interventions, hence the assessment is used as tool to measure peacebuilding and statebuilding in all Somali regions.

Research and Analysis Department
The OCVP professionalizes and institutionalizes data collection and analysis on peacebuilding and governance and distils findings in a format appropriate for various target audiences and stakeholders. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are applied to determine results and impact of interventions and look at what works and what does not work at the community level and assess the community perception on safety and security.
The research training programme is intended to strengthen an organization’s ability to provide quality and effective services, while enhancing individual research capacity to conducting successful field-based interviews, and developing his/her skills and confidence in qualitative data analysis and reporting.
Training in Qualitative Research Methods
The OCVP research team possesses Post-graduate level degrees in the field of social sciences and with a proven experience in the collection of qualitative and quantitative data on governance and peacebuilding from different districts of the country. They have been exposed to different stages of research process - research design, data collection, and data analysis and data presentation. Therefore, this training in qualitative research methods aims to help the research team understand and become proficient in the qualitative research methods.
Tailor-made qualitative research methods training with more in-depth treatment of the following topics should be designed and delivered during 5 day training periods:
Designing a Qualitative Study
Interviewing in Qualitative Research
Management and Analysis of Qualitative Data
Transcription of Qualitative Data
References for Qualitative Data
Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO
The OCVP is looking for an experienced consultant or trainer from Research Organization, Academic Institution or Individual Consultant with excellent records that demonstrate skills in:
Development and implementation of Research Training Plans
Design and conduct tailor-made and participatory research training
Strong theoretical and practical research experience
Proven record of qualitative research methods analytical skills
Effective communication and presentation
Leadership and team building
Time management
High level of interpersonal skills and integrity
Task of the consultant/trainer
Working Days= 7 days: Preparation of training (3 days),  delivering training ( 4 days) and submission of training report (1 day). The consultant/trainer is expected to:
Develop a tailor-made qualitative research methods training program and share the OCVP for approval.
Undertake a participatory training sessions for four days in English
Provide a final training report in English
Dates and Place of Training 
The training in scheduled to take place from 28-31 December 2015 at the OCVP headquarters in Hargeisa, Somaliland.
Qualifications of the Consultant/Trainer
Strong academic background and experience in areas of social research
Extensive and proven experience in research training and training design
Excellent knowledge of  different methods of qualitative data collection, analysis and reporting
Proven knowledge and skills for qualitative data analysis using NVIVO
Interested Research Organizations/Institutions, Academic Institutions or persons (individual consultant/trainers) can submit their application by providing the following:
A profile of the organization/institution
CVs and short cover letters for the trainers
List of similar contracts implemented in the last three years
Training methodology, content and work-plan
Budget of the training
The application package can be send electronically to hr@ocvp.org with the subject line “Qualitative Research Methods Training”, latest by 21 December 2015.
Source: http://www.ocvp.org/