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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My sept.11, 2015 ordeal on-board Ethiopian airlines flight - Hargeisa/London HR.

Exclusive to Medeshi - Liverpool Dec 1st 2015 - I stayed in Somaliland for 6 months and left Hargeisa Sept.10 in a lovely summer afternoon to return back to England.
I stayed overnight in a Hotel for the next morning flight connection to LHR. Boarded the flight at 10:30 seat no. 31D. Flight was scheduled to arrive at 18:30 Sept. 11, 2015

Nobody knows what has been woven to me in the loom of fate. We were served with nice food and soft drinks. A male passenger from Zimbabwi was sitting next to me. I remember we had a political conversation about President R. Mogabi, and his Friend Joshuwa Onkoma. We also discussed the problems in Somalia, and why Somaliland is not recognised.

It was an 8 hours flight. I pressed the service button several times during the duration of the flight. I walked down the aisle several time to stretch my legs, and paid three visits to the toilet. I was asked to sit down by a rude Airhosts without mentioning the magic word “Please”. I got annoyed and neglected her order. I sat down when we were about to land at LHR.

Aircraft Staff made a phone call on air and before landing reporting that a "terrorist is on board the Aircraft". The plane was parked in secluded and assigned area. Upon landing I heard an unusual emergency announcement requesting all passengers to remain seated. I saw police vans and the fire brigades parking near the aircraft.

I was surprised to see three officers with full gear charging into the rear of the aircraft next to my seat. I was asked to stand up open my arms and legs. I was searched, handcuffed, and been told I am under arrest. I was taken in a Police van to Heathrow Police Station where I was interviewed for 6 hours and charged with causing terror on flight, assaulting aircraft Staff and damaging aircraft property. I was released without bail, and told to attend court on 12/10/2015.

I attended court and pleaded not guilty. Aircraft Staff and witnesses failed to attend and case was adjourned to 24/11/2015. I attended again and none of the Ethiopian aircraft staff or witnesses attended the court hearing. I was cleared and charges were dropped.

It was my first and probably the last time to fly Ethiopian Airlines direct from Hargeisa/LHR via Addis Ababa. Truly it was a very bad experience, and I would not recommend it to any civilized human being.

Cajiib A.Koreye