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Saturday, February 21, 2015

George Galloway to face Labour candidate who could become UK's first Somali MP

(Medeshi)- Labour has chosen a Londoner to run against George Galloway as the party attempts to regain the outspoken Scot's Bradford West seat in the general election.
British-Somali mother-of-two Amina Ali was chosen from an all-woman shortlist of three today in a move which will annoy some party members who wanted to see a local candidate.

Mo Farah breaks two-mile world record at Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix

(Medeshi)- It has become a familiar sight this, Mo Farah with the union jack sat joyously on his shoulders while photographers form a chaotic half-moon around him.

The Hollywood Pirate Returning to Somalia

(Medeshi)- Piracy was good to Omar Hassan. The skinny Somali fisherman in his mid-twenties throws his head back and rolls his eyes. “There were way too many fish,” he laughs.

Mogadishu hotel suicide bombers were Dutch: Somali intelligence

(Medeshi)- Mogadishu (AFP) - Twin suicide bombings at a Mogadishu hotel popular with ministers and officials were carried out by Dutch nationals, Somali intelligence sources said Saturday, the day after 25 people were killed.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Massive fire engulfs Dubai ‘Torch’ residential tower (Photos,Video)

(Medeshi)- A massive blaze has engulfed the ‘Marina Torch’ skyscraper in Dubai, forcing hundreds of people to flee the 336-meter-high tower – one of the tallest residential buildings in the world, RT.

A simple poem - The trek from the homeland

(Medeshi)- This is about a boy leaving nomadic life in early childhood and coming to a town and joining school and then never going back to the countryside. When he grows up , he finds out that simple life in the countryside  was better than  life in the metropolitan cities. It is all about homesickness and a yearning to go back to the simple pastoralist life in Somaliland.

Graphic photos of the suicide bombing in Mogadishu that killed ministers and other people

(Medeshi)- Some 20 people, including senior officials, are killed in an al-Shabab attack during Friday prayers in the Somali capital Mogadishu, witnesses say.

Waddani Position paper on Somaliland elections

(Medeshi)- The Somaliland Presidency should Bear the Responsibility and Negative Consequences of the Delay of the Elections

With this Position Paper, WADDANI party endeavours to make it clear to the Somaliland people and to the international partners that pro-election stakeholders have worked hard for the last two years, to achieve the goal of holding 26 June, 2015 elections on time, however,the present Government has consistently undermined these efforts.

Somali minister dies as toll from hotel bombing rises

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU - AA-  Death toll from a twin suicide blast on Friday that targeted a hotel in Mogadishu has risen to 12 people, including a minister and the two perpetrators, according to a security source.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

S. Sudan and Somalia plea to join the East African Community

(Medeshi)- Kampala- South Sudan and Somalia’s plea to join the East African Community is one of the major topics the regional heads of States will be discussing today in Nairobi.

Somaliland : The plight of journalist in prison for reporting unfavourably on the government

(Medeshi)- Journalists Jama Jiir  has been arrested in late 2013, after Somaliland authorities  ordered his arrest for reporting unfavourably on the government.

Video - Re-recognition of Somaliland

(Medeshi)- All countries should get behind this worthy cause - James Carver

Mixed reactions as Kenya farmers suspend Somalia khat export

(Medeshi)- News that Kenyan farmers were suspending the export of the stimulant leaf ‘khat’ (locally known as ‘miraa’) to Somalia has been received with mixed reactions in Mogadishu with concerns over economic hurt and family relations topping the agenda.

Somaliland - Job opportunity at UN Habitat , Hargeisa

(Medeshi)- Temporary vacancy announcement 
Issued on: 16 February 2015

Somalis panic as cash flow dries up after U.S. remittance lifeline cut

(Medeshi)- NAIROBI, Feb 19 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Somali families are panicking and businesses are running short of funds two weeks after the last major U.S. bank stopped transferring money to the fragile Horn of Africa country, development groups said.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Video- Town Hall Dem Rep's Plan to Fight Terror: Ease Off Surveillance, and Allow Wire Transfers to Somalia

(Medeshi)- Dem Rep's Steps to Stop Extremism Include Less Surveillance, Allow Wire Transfers to Somalia

AP retracts Somalia - US story on Dahabshiil money transfer

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- In a story Feb. 12, The Associated Press reported that the U.S., the U.K. and other countries have expressed concerns that Somali money-transfer agencies are being used to help fund Islamic extremist groups.

Somalia : Turks running Mogadishu port, airport monitored

(Medeshi)- Most of the major contracts signed by Somalia's government in the past two years, including those with two Turkish companies, were not tendered competitively and should be renegotiated or scrapped, according to a confidential report by a donor-backed committee that reviewed the deals.

Donor-backed body questions Somali state contract awards

(Medeshi)- By Drazen Jorgic - NAIROBI, Feb 18 (Reuters) - Most of the major contracts signed by Somalia's government in the past two years were not tendered competitively and should be renegotiated or scrapped, according to a confidential report by a donor-backed committee that reviewed the deals.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Video- US VP Joe Biden Draws Criticism For Remark About Somali Cab Drivers

(Medeshi)- Vice President Joe Biden drew criticism on Tuesday after he spoke about the Somali community in his home state of Delaware.

Regional airlines merge as Somali airspace draws competition

(Medeshi)- By Edmund Blair -NAIROBI, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Regional carriers Daallo Airlines and Jubba Airways profited independently for years in one of the world's toughest markets, competing on routes to war-torn Somalia that most avoided.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sanaag elders call for secession from Somaliland

(Medeshi)- The chief Aqils , clan elders , Sultans and traditional leaders of Sanaag - the largest region of Somaliland - have called in a televised interview for secession from Somaliland.

Somali children in Norway live in poverty, social exclusion

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(Medeshi)- In Norway, the majority (75%) of children who are of Somali origin live in poverty, according to the latest official figures released by the country’s statistics agency.

Somalia's Islamist rebels kill four airport workers in capital

(Medeshi)- -Reuters
Islamist gunmen killed four airport workers in a drive-by shooting in the centre of Mogadishu on Monday, the police and rebels said, showing the rebels can still carry out attacks in the capital even as they lose territory in the countryside.

20 Shabaab militants killed in airstrike on S. Somalia

(Medeshi)-  MOGADISHU- Around 20 Al-Shabaab militants were killed on Monday in an airstrike carried out near the southern Somali town of Merca, a local official has said.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Somaliland: Air to ground missile hits Bali Cabane in Hawd region

(Medeshi)- Residents of Bali Cabane in Hawd region of ‪Somaliland‬ have told the local press about missile fired last week from a fighter jet at a place close to the village.

Ethiopia to get10% of its imports thru Somaliland's Berbera Port

(Medeshi)- By Aiswarya LakshmiSunday, marinelink-  Ethiopia is to start using the Port of Berbera of Somaliland this month on an agreement reached between the two countries on January 29, 2015, while the use of Port Sudan has started by the importation of 50,000tn of fertilizer.