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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Somaliland: a self-declared state, unrecognized by the world

(Medeshi)- By SAİM ORHAN , Today's Zaman - Now we head out into the world, this time toward Somaliland, in Africa. It's not an easy trip from Istanbul; first there is a five-hour plane ride to Djibouti.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Election 2015: Bristol taskforce aims to 'make Somali votes matter'

(Medeshi)- A polling day taskforce has been set up by a group of activists keen to "make British Somali votes matter" in Bristol.

New Ice Plant to Boost Somaliland Fisheries Sector

(Medeshi)- SOMALILAND - Local fisheries in Somaliland are set to benefit from a new ice plant. The ice plant will help keep landed fish fresh and in premium condition, helping to enable the development of new markets.

Somaliland - The international community welcomes new date set for elections

(Medeshi)- British Office
01 May 2015

Dangerous conditions at Djibouti base threatens U.S. military pilots

(Medeshi)- Reuters - Conditions at an African base used by U.S. military pilots flying missions over Yemen and Somalia have become chronically dangerous, with fliers relying on local air-traffic controllers who sleep on the job and commit frequent errors, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Cardiff's decision to recognise Somaliland comes under fire from members of city's Somali community

(Medeshi) - Members of the Somali community in Cardiff have criticised a motion by Cardiff Council to recognise Somaliland as a sovereign state.

Gunmen kill a radio journalist in the Puntland region of Somalia

(Medeshi)- Nairobi, May 1, 2015--Unidentified armed men on Wednesday night shot dead Somali journalist Daud Ali Omar at his home in the semi-autonomous Puntland region, according to local journalists and news reports.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conflict assessment in northern Kenya and Somaliland conducted by DDG

(Medeshi)- Danish Demining Group conducted in 2014 a conflict assessment in northern Kenya and eastern Somaliland, the findings of which suggest that the armed conflict is likely to increase significantly in both regions in coming years.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Somali Hotel Chain Owner Strives to Make a Difference - Video

(Medeshi)- Abdulaziz Billow - VOA - Many in the Somali diaspora are returning home to make a new life despite the continuing risks.

Somalia registers record exports of 5 million livestock in 2014

(Medeshi)- 29 April 2015 – Somalia in 2014 exported a record five million livestock to markets in the Gulf of Arabia thanks to heavy investments in animal disease prevention backed by the European Union and the United Kingdom, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today.

Djibouti Seeks to Tap Volcanic Energy to Reduce Power Costs

(Medeshi)- By - Paul Richardson , Bloomberg - Abdourahman Omar Haga moves his hand over a fissure in a lava lake on the edge of Djibouti’s Ghoubbet el Kharab sea, trying to detect hot vapors invisible to the naked eye in the searing midday sun.

Kerry to travel to Sri Lanka, Kenya and Djibouti

(Medeshi)- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Sri Lanka on Saturday to meet with its new president, Maithripala Sirisena, the State Department said, following years of strained relations between Washington and the country's previous government.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Somali community center being developed in Minneapolis

(Medeshi)- MINNEAPOLIS — A Somali organization has signed an agreement to purchase a 24,000-square-foot-building for a future Somali community center in Minneapolis.

Thousands of Saudi Forces Refuse Yemen War and Flee Bases

(Medeshi)- Almost 4,000 Saudi forces fled their border bases in anticipation of Riyadh’s order for launching a ground assault on Yemen, European diplomatic sources said on Sunday.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sicilian court convicts 20 Somalis of migrant-trafficking

(Medeshi)- MILAN AP -- A court in Sicily on Monday convicted 20 Somalis who had received political asylum in Italy of a role in a vast criminal organization focused on migrant-smuggling.

EU Naval Force Trains Somaliland Coast Guard Officers

(Medeshi)- Crewmembers from EU Naval Force flagship, HNLMS Johan de Witt, have trained young officers from the Somaliland Coast Guard off the coast of Berbera.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Somalia's al-Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU, April 26 Reuters - Somalia's al Shabaab militants killed two city council officials, a former parliamentarian and a senior prison officer in Mogadishu, police and the rebel group said on Sunday.

Leaked - E.U. will send 150,000 migrants back to Africa

(Medeshi)- (Examiner/Ayyaantuu ) — In a confidential draft leaked from an emergency summit held in Brussels on April 24 , it was learned that the European Union plans to allow only 5,000 migrants to resettle in Europe.

Letter of the British ambassador to Somaliland Gov on elections

(Medeshi)- Hargeisa - Following is a letter written by Neil Wigan , on behalf of the Democratisation Steering Committee   emphasising the need to move on with the planned elections in Somaliland republic.