Pontus Marine LTD- Leader of fishing industry in Somaliland

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Canadian Miner Nevsun Defends Operations In Eritrea As Locals Flee To Europe

Behind the plight of the Eritrea refugees.

England: Birmingham vigil to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees

England: Birmingham vigil to highlight the plight of the Syrian refugees

Suicide car bomb kills several African Union soldiers in Somalia

A suicide car bombing targeted an African Union military convoy Saturday in south-eastern Somalia, killing several people, a Somali senior military commander said.

Ethiopia to set up agro-processing industrial parks

Ethiopia to set up agro-processing industrial parks

45 Emirate soldiers and 5 Bahrainis killed by Yemen rebel missile

Black Day for coalition: UAE, Bahrain lose 50 soldiers

Friday, September 4, 2015

Melbourne - Somali man will spend at least 14 years behind bars for murder

An immigrant from war-torn Somalia will spend at least 14 years behind bars for murdering a 21-year-old with a broken beer bottle in Melbourne.

IHI Awarded $9.6 Million to Improve Health Outcomes for Mothers and Newborns in Ethiopia

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) today announced it has received a $9.6 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in Ethiopia. 

Photos - Bodies of Ugandan soldiers killed in Somalia returned home

The bodies of the 10 UPDF soldiers killed in Somalia on Tuesday, were returned home on Thursday.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Somaliland's silent success story- A lighthouse for Africa?

This article appeared originally  in German  and was translated automatically by us through Google Translate App.

MasterCard rolls out in Djibouti

East Africa Bank has has introduced the first co-branded MasterCard payment card in Djibouti, with the roll-out of 5 000 MasterCard debit cards.

Air Djibouti, back from bankruptcy, sets sights on air freight

Air Djibouti, back from bankruptcy, sets sights on air freight

President Silanyo Breaks All Promises, Except to Cronies

In the 2010 presidential campaign, then candidate Silanyo promised to deliver an “accountable and transparent” administration

Somaliland businessman found hung from a tree in Hargeisa

A Somaliland businessman and the owner of Dhoodan  construction material stores was found hung this morning from a tree at the eastern part of Hargiesa.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Somalia - Al-Shabaab kills over 50 African soldiers, 50 more missing

Al-Shabaab kills 'over 50' Amisom soldiers, say Western sources

Corruption in Somalia - My clan is largest, I should get the bigger share of the money - cartoon

My clan is the largest of all , therefore I should get the bigger share of the money.

Djibouti - Portable Fuel Testing Laboratory at Camp Lemonnier

NAVSUP FLC Sigonella Opens Portable Fuel Testing Laboratory at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti

ION awarded contract to conduct 2D seismic survey of Somalia Puntland offshore margin

Federal State of Puntland announces new block boundary demarcation

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Al Shabaab - 50 peacekeepers killed in the attack on Janale base in Somalia

Islamist militants attack African Union base in southern Somalia

Monday, August 31, 2015

Saudi Arabia - 11 people dead and 200 injured in a fire at Aramco complex in Khobar

A fire at a residential complex in Saudi Arabia has left 11 people dead and injured at least 200 others, Saudi officials say.

Somalia president accused of trading troops for UAE funding amid al Shabaab crisis

The Somali president is accused of trading troops  in order to get funding from UAE to defend a motion against him currently in Parliament.

Does aid have a place in Somaliland?

This caption was written by By Anna Patricia Valerio and is part of  a conflict in context article titled: How Somaliland transitioned to stability sans direct aid, recognition.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kenya DF Military Commander Visits Soldiers in Kismayo - (Video)

THE Kenya Defence Forces Army Commander Lt Gen Leonard Ngondi over the weekend visited Kenyan troops serving under Amisom, in Kismayo, Somalia. 

Dutch plan tougher asylum policy as migrants flock to Europe

Failed asylum seekers would be limited to "a few weeks'" shelter after being turned down, if they do not agree to return home. They would then either be deported or sent away to fend for themselves.

The British Empire: Somalis are the most intelligent ,stop their expansion

I think we had better let the Somalis alone, and avoid these conflicts between a lion and a swallow.

Somaliland - Dirty water and plastic bags overwhelm Hargeisa streets after rains (Photos)

This is the scene of the flooded main street of Hargeisa yesterday  afternoon.