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Monday, January 25, 2016

Opinion - Stop Wahabism spreading in Somaliland

Wahabism is not for Somaliland

Fear created by false warning of people going to hell if they don't follow Wahabism is compelling poor people in search for  spiritual guidance to follow this doctrine.
Wahabism belongs to the house of Al Saud that are currently dropping thousands of bombs on the poor people of Yemen . It is a distorted version of Sunni Islam. The Saudis  were  behind the  war of Iraq , funded it and watched over the fall of Saddam. They are also behind the insurgency against the Syrian government . The Saudi regime is evil and so is Wahabism.

And so I write  the following few lines as a message to my people .

Nature is cruel and therefore , life goes on.
Age is a factor that nature revenges against Man.
And so Man has no option but to accept the destiny.
Death does not make one afraid.
Religion's different and contradictory promises create fear.
And now that my own children are raising their own,
 I feel that I should have no worries  in travelling to the Unknown .
An unknown that could be in millions of years  of smooth sleeping .
And does anyone tell this to the sleeping Islamist cells in Somaliland .
And so did anyone  confront them to stop the false  Wahabist doctrine currently holding in the country.
Man's deception through religion has had enough destruction in the world .
The latest of being the Shia , Wahabist conflict in Syria and Yemen
The poor seem to always fall prey to the false ideologies propagated by deceptive entities.
And so my people , don't be afraid of death or life as nature had set it that way.
Religion is used by Man for gains
Nature has no mercy and should be accepted regardless of religions.
Wahabism is not for Somaliland