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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Somaliland - Harshaw nuclear waste ignored , 20 metre whale washed ashore

Harshaw, Sanaag - Somaliland : The people of Harshaw will take the matter into their own hands and dispose off the nuclear waste if the government of Somaliland fails to act once again.

The nuclear waste container that had washed ashore few months ago at Harshaw coast north east of Erigavo has not been disposed yet by the government of Somaliland .

The huge cylinder had been washed ashore in the aftermath of  cyclone Chapala in late 2015. It poses a health hazard both to the people and animals in the region. Any spillage of the contents of this cylinder could cause a wide range of medical problems such as mouth bleeds, abdominal haemorrhages, unusual skin disorders and breathing difficulties, as well as general poisoning and death.
Medeshi contacted Mohamoud Boss who has  fishing business in the area and told us today  that " It is unfortunate that no one is taking any  responsibility to handle the container. The container is still there and I am thinking of salvaging it back to sea."
Mohamoud informed Medeshi that a 20 metre whale has also  been washed ashore and later a boat carrying 90 Ethiopian migrants was found  at the  shores of Harshaw coast. Mohamoud said that 10 of them who died at sea were buried in Harshaw.
Medeshi wrote an article in late 2015 to highlight the risk the nuclear waste poses to the people of Sanaag but no action seems to have been taken by the concerned ministries in the government . The ministries of Environment , Interior Affairs and the ministry of fisheries were all informed about the presence of this dangerous container in the coast of Sanaag. Our call seems to have fallen on deaf ears. We call once again upon the government of Somaliland to take immediate action in disposing of this dangerous nuclear waste currently lying at the shores of Sanaag.
- Medeshi
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