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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Somalia - Puntland and Galmudug states urged to resolve differences through dialogue

MOGADISHU, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- Foreign envoys in Somalia on Thursday called on leaders in the regional state of Galmudug to resolve differences which erupted early this week through dialogue.

 In a joint statement issued in Mogadishu, the envoys from the United Nations, African Union, European Union, United Nations expressed concern about the unfolding dispute within the Galmudug regional assembly and between members of the assembly and President Abdikarim Guled.

"The dispute, which has led to a vote to remove the president from office, with the president and the speaker of the assembly rejecting the vote as illegal, is potentially destabilizing," the envoys said in the statement.

Guled lost no-confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday after lawmakers criticized him of poor leadership. First Deputy Speaker Ali Hared Ali said 54 parliamentarians voted to impeach Guled. The Speaker was absent.

The parliamentary session carried out in the absence of the president and parliament speaker, whereas all lawmakers agreed to carry out the no-confidence vote, added Ali.

However, Galmudug Vice President Mohamed Hashi Araby was set to take over power according to the state constitution, as the parliament is expected to deliberate on sessions to elect new president for the regional State.

But the international partners called on all the stakeholders in Galmudug, in particular members of the regional assembly, the speaker of the assembly and the president, to resolve the underlying issues through dialogue and refrain from resorting to any acts of violence.

They urged all Somalis, including the security forces, to now focus on consolidating and building on the gains from the electoral and state-building processes and make every effort to avoid actions that could undermine the progress that is unfolding in the country.

Guled was elected in 2015 as the head of interim Glamudug administration, but is accused of incompetence and frequent absence from the region. The MPs were also considering tabling a similar motion against the speaker.

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