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Friday, January 27, 2017

Towards more female head teachers in Somaliland

In Somaliland, more than 50 female teachers recently completed a two-year training in school management and administration funded by the Global Partnership for Education and supported by UNICEF.

The training program paves the way for these teachers to grow into roles as head teachers and assume leadership positions in schools. The training was implemented by the Somaliland’s ministry of education through four local universities.

In Somaliland there are over 1,000 head teachers but only 3% are women. While there has been a slow but steady increase over the last few years in the number of female classroom teachers, gender inequity at the school management level persists for a variety of reasons, including lack of opportunities.

The ministry is committed to increasing the number of female head teachers because of the positive multiplying effect of this strategy across the education system. With only 15% of all teachers being female, it is hoped that having females in management positions will provide the much needed role models that will attract more female secondary school graduates into the teaching profession.

Furthermore, having a female head teacher who will be protective of girls is believed to positively impact parental choice with regards to sending their daughters to school.
Source: Global Partnership for Education


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