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Monday, February 20, 2017

Somalia has the most beautiful women in Africa

(The Daily Express) - Somalia tops the list of the most beautiful women in Africa. 

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. In simple terms, beauty is what every individual sees with their eyes.

Every individual has their own way of measuring beauty. What might be beautiful to some might not be beautiful to the other but there are some women who generally fit the word “beauty”.
Somalia - 1

A website called Ranker which which deals in survey-like ranking of stuff, took upon themselves to make a poll of African countries with the most beautiful women and so far it has 52,195 votes and based on those votes, here are top 25 African countries with the most beautiful women.
25.South Africa
24. Sudan
23. Nigeria
22. Mauritania
21. Republic of Benin
20. Botswana
19. Angola
18. Seychelles
17. Cameroon
16. Rwanda
15. Cape Verde
14. Mali
13. Niger
12. Kenya
11. Morocco
10. Senegal
9. Togo
8. Egypt
7. Ghana
6. Eritrea
5. Ivory Coast
4. Ethiopia
3. Guinea
2. Djibouti
1. Somalia


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