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AfDB approves aid package for Somalia and South Sudan

By: Mark Smulian PFI 
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has granted $78m to Somalia and South Sudan for drought resilience and the alleviation of chronic hunger and malnutrition.

Somalia will receive $34.8m and South Sudan $43.8m to benefit some 1.1 million people in all, in particular pastoralists, women, children, elderly and disabled people.

In addition to droughts, Somalia is affected by fighting between its government and the Islamist rebels Al-Shabaab and also has breakaway regions in its north.

A civil war is in progress in South Sudan between both factions of its government and various rebel groups.
The grants were made under the bank’s ‘Say No To Famine’ programme, through which it intends invest about $1.1bn in countries afflicted by prolonged droughts and unstable food production.

Emergency food assistance and medical aid to the most vulnerable people are the AfDB’s main priorities, but the project also includes putting in place stronger links between the production, distribution and consumption hubs of food systems.

Gabriel Negatu, AfDB director general, eastern Africa regional development and business delivery office, said: “We will provide immediate action to increase food security, boost household incomes, promote regional trade in food products and kick start community recovery, ultimately contributing to inclusive growth and resilience in Somalia and South Sudan.”


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