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August 7, 2017

Asylum seekers deported from Finland film their return home

( http://observers.france24.com )Finland began to toughen up its requirements for asylum seekers in 2015.
Since Finnish authorities decided that the security situation has improved in Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, failed asylum seekers from those countries are no longer eligible for “humanitarian protection" — despite the fact that their countries are still at war. On social media, failed asylum seekers have been documenting their fear, outrage, and sorrow while being deported.

In one of these videos, which was published in February 2017 on Facebook, Aziz, a young Iraqi man from the city of Basra, whose asylum claim was rejected in Finland, filmed his deportation to Iraq.
He filmed himself in an airport in Turkey (though it is not possible to identify which city), his last stop before Iraq. He is surrounded by security forces and wears a belt with loops for his hands.

According to Iraqi activists, these restraints are supposed to quash any attempt at resistance during the takeoff, flight and landing.
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