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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Commentary : Election money in Somaliland

(Medeshi)- It was the 1968 elections in Erigavo. I was 14 years old. I voted after receiving 20 shilling from a party although I didn't reach the  voting age.

I was in the summer break from Beer boarding school and needed pocket money for the next 4 month term . I didn't know about voting violations or  the voting system. 20 shillings equaled to lots of money at the time .

Corruption in election does not confine to paying cash to voters, it involves inviting clan affiliation and kinship. Not voting for your clan affiliation is a sinful renegade act in Somaliland.
The issue that I have listed above of  taking 20 shilling during 1968 Somalia elections is genuine. Frankly both candidates were from my clan.
And so you might get the hint now of how the coming elections will result. Clans voting for their candidate regardless of his background. I said " HIS" because there are no female candidates in the Somaliland presidential elections.

And so the election money is now abundant in the political market. How should we deal with it .
An increase in cash follow in the country has been reported after election campaign kicked off few weeks ago.
The reason:
Campaign money has already reached the public. This is good for the poor and the marginalized. This is the right time to take revenge on politicians and milk money out of them .
My advice: take the money and vote for whom you may think is the lesser of the two evils.


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