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Friday, August 25, 2017

FlyDubai should be penalized for mistreatment of citizens at Hargeisa airport

(Medeshi)- It has been reported in the local media that FlyDubai staff have mistreated a woman and her baby who were flying to UK from Hargiesa.

The woman and her bay  were forcefully removed from the plane by the airport staff under the instructions of FlyDubai captain.
It is sad when citizens are mistreated and humiliated in their own country by a foreign worker. The story of the lady and her baby that were reportedly removed from FlyDubai at Hargeisa airport is humiliating.
Photo of the lady and her bay (from FB)

The lady was wrongly accused by the air hostess of insulting her. The captain also claimed that she was late although she had boarded the plane almost an hour earlier. Disregard for the intervention by a government minister and the plea of the lady is more humiliating.

The case should be investigated by the Somaliland authorities and FluDubai should be penalized for the behavior of one of its hostesses and the captain.
Never let anybody humiliate you in your country. We have had enough of humiliation and abuse  during the colonial era.