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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Medeshi raises health awareness issues in Somaliland

(Medeshi - Hargiesa)- Tobacco companies poison the people of Somaliland by selling them cheap cigarettes.
The sale is supported by adverts and also the use of excessive smoking shown in movies.
This pack in this photo costs £10 in London while it costs $1 in Somaliland. In the U.K. Cigarette packs carry health warnings while in the pack from Somaliland , it shows Gold.
Photo by Medeshi 

People die daily in Somaliland but of undiagnosed diseases. Much of it could be caused by smoking.
Do our young doctors care or are they busy in famine and rescue operations? Or have they lost ethics and chase money? Time will tell !!
There is the lack of awareness about the effects of Smoking on the health of the public.
Say no to smoking in Somaliland.

On the other hand , Khat , the narcotic of East Africa , has seduced both men and women in #Somaliland. Combined with Shisha and cheap cigarettes, it stimulates people's mood to high levels which has made it the favourite pastime in the country. Both Khat and smoking are the major causes of heart attack and mouth plague among the people.
Photo : Web image 

Somaliland spends approximately $500,000 on Khat imports daily. Much of it is consumed in the major cities......
People need to be made aware of the health effects of khat on the health of the public .