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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Somalia/Somaliland Weekly Drought Response Update

(Relief Web)- Situation Update
• Western region of Somaliland received good rain while other parts received showers.

• Sool, Sanaag, Nugaal and Bari regions continue to experience critical water shortage caused by drying up of berkeds and increased demand of water by both human and livestock.

• Drought induced internal displaced persons (IDPs) have not being intergrated back into the community yet.

• Prolonged drought conditions in the region has led to increased number of new settlements. This can also be attributed to loss of livelihoods, access to safe drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene conditions.
• In Bari region, the overall number of surveyed households now stands at 44,647 equivalent to 229,039 persons across the five districts in Bari region. In the same area, the number of unaccompanied children has risen to 15,584.

Central & South Somalia
• In Lower Juba, 35 IDP households equivalent to 210 individuals arrived in Dhobley town. The families were mostly from middle and Lower Juba particulary Kamsuma and Xansaxdere

• AWD outbreak cases have reduced in Baidoa town and especially in IDP camps in Baidoa districts.

• Nine measle cases recorded in Save the Children’s supported mobile clinics and MCHs. Other measle cases were reported in Mako Dhogoley, Towfiiq village and Bardale and Horseed MCHs.

•Malnutrition cases are on the rise in some sites in Baidoa while admission rates have significantly decreased due to people going back to villages to harvest their farm produce.

• As parents go to villages to harvest young children are left behind in the IDP camps in Baidoa hence increasing their vulnerability

• Drought conditions persisted in Hiiran due to poor GU rain that prevailed in most parts of Hiiran district impacting the community members negatively in terms of access to food, water and pasture.

• More than 50 villages in rural areas in Hiiraan are still in need of emergency water trucking.
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