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August 13, 2017

The biggest threat of Somaliland election process is the violation of election rules and regulations

REPORT -   in Somali and English
The biggest threat of Somaliland election process is the violation of election rules and regulations
August 12, 2017

Hargeisa, Somaliland


Election Monitoring Office (EMO)
Center for Policy Analysis (CPA)
The newsletter from the Election Monitoring Office provides brief description of the political events that occurred in Somaliland. CPA was established to help the countries of Horn of Africa region to build, peace, democracy, human rights and effective governance systems where all citizens are equal. CPA is based in Hargeisa, the Capital of Republic of Somaliland.

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Somaliland voter cards registration process for the upcoming presidential election scheduled on November 13, 2017 enters the last and third stage. The distribution of cards started 12th August 2017 at Sool and Sanaag regions, east of Somaliland to finalize the process. The registration will continue 28 days to provide the already registered citizens an opportunity to collect their cards at the polling stations to be able to cast votes.

Despite warnings given by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the two main political parties continue ignoring the Code of Conduct by waging campaigns. The law prohibits the political parties to campaign during the registration process. This election is not the first one Somaliland held since it declared independence from Somalia in 1991. In 2001, Somaliland people voted for and approved a new constitution. Following the acceptance of the Constitution, Local Councils election took place in 2002. The first presidential election happened in 2003 and in 2005 the members of the House of the Representatives were elected by the public. In 2010, Somaliland attracted the attention of the world when then incumbent president conceded defeat for the opposition contender Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, the current president who is not seeking reelection. In 2012, the second Local Councils election was conducted.

 The first voter registration was made in 2009, ahead of 2010 presidential election. It has been noted that the registration failed and was annulled. Therefore, in 2012 local council’s election was held without voter cards. Hence the ongoing voter registration process is very important for Somaliland to hold free and fair election.

The following are incidents that happened in last week:


•           On August 3 2017, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Cirro), the presidential candidate of Waddani, resigned from his post as the Chairman of the House of Representatives which he held since 2005. His resignation is related to his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election. Two members of the parliament run for his replacement. Baashe Mohamed Farah (MP from Sool region and member of the ruling party, Kulmiye) and Abdirahman Talyanle (MP from Sanaag region and member of Waddani opposition party) competed for the post. [1]

•           On August 6, the House voted for the two contenders. Baashe Mohamed Farah, who was the first deputy chairman of the House, was declared as the winner in narrow votes of 39 to 38. Talyanle accepted the results and congratulated Baashe as the winner of the votes. Hours later Talyanle disputed the results and said that there was a fraud in the counting of votes. He claimed that he was the one who got the 39 votes and accused the secretariat of the House of committing fraud. He declared that he is the legitimate Chairman of the House. [2][3]

•           On August 7, the Minister of Information, Osman Sahardid, stated that the legitimate chairman of the House is Baashe Mohamed Farah and warned Talyanle not to claim chairmanship, saying his claims are contrary to the laws. [4]

•           On August 8, the members of the House of Representative entered into a standstill. It also turned into physical brawl and sound of gun fire was heard in the parliament headquarters. This saga started after MP Saleeban Ali Kore, who supported Talyanle, and Baashe Mohmed Faarah exchanged heated words and physical brawl. Security forces handled the situation and detained MP Koore. Later security forces released the MP [5]

•           On August 8, MP. Talyanle stated that he submitted a law suit to the Supreme Court to challenge the decision. He filled a case at the court. At the same day, the Chief of Supreme Court Aden Haji Ali confirmed that they received the law suit. [6][7]

•           A clan conflict in El-afweyn district is not yet solved. On 21 July 2017, inter-clan violence reemerged in El-afweyn district of Sanaag region. At least 6 people died and more than 10 other individuals were injured in a clash between two clans. This conflict started last year and number of violent clashes occurred causing deaths. There have been unsuccessful peace settlements and negotiation efforts made by the government and traditional leaders. The Government and the leaders of the political parties called on both clans to stop fighting and resolve disagreements peacefully. [8]

•           On August 4, there were conflicting meetings in Buuhoodle. Khaatumo Leader, Ali Khalif Galaydh and his Parliament sacked the Vice-president of Khatumo Mr. Abdalla Mohamoud Ali who was elected the position of vice-presidency in 2014. But impeached vice-president Abdalla, refused the dismissal. Abdalla Mohamoud and other fellow members hold a meeting which they claimed that they impeached both President Ali Khalif and the chairman of the Parliament. They selected Abdalla Mohamoud to be the new President of Khatumo. Ali Khalif accused that Puntland is behind the political conflict in Khatumo. [9]

•             On August 8, Somaliland National Electoral Commission warned Kulmiye and Waddani political parties of making political campaigns. They called the parties to respect the Code of Conduct during the voter registration process. [11]

•           On August 8, Somaliland senior Police Commanders announced that they tightened the security ahead of the upcoming election. [12]

•           On August 8, the Minister of Interior, Yasin Faratonm, stated that the government will tighten the security and stability for the upcoming election. Minister Faratoon, addressing in Laascanood’s voter registration distribution launching ceremony, also said that they met Puntland officials and reached mutual understanding about not to interfere the voter registration process in eastern regions. The Minister gave warned and stated that the government will take legal measures against what he call illegal armed groups or anyone who tries to disturb Somaliland security during the election. Puntland’s Minister of Information dismissed that there is agreement between the two sides about the elections. [13][14]


The Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) makes the following recommendations to hold free and fair election:

1.         The conflict of the chairmanship of the House of Representatives should be solved peacefully and in accordance with the legal procedures in place; The brawl and dispute in the House of Representatives can become great obstacle to the upcoming elections. Dispute of the election of the house speaker, revealed out how some political parts can refuse the results if it would not happen on their favor. NEC should plan and establish procedures of avoiding ambiguity and political disputes to the upcoming election.
2.         Effective measures should be taken to avoid result disputes similar to the one in the chairmanship of the House of Representatives. This should include respect of the procedural laws and strengthening monitoring mechanism;
3.         The Judiciary should be independent from the political parties. It is very important the courts to be independent and impartial; how the Judiciary branch adjudicate dispute on the election of House of Representatives’ Speaker. It shall affect how the political parts will perceive the fairness of Judiciary verdict on the upcoming election if dispute arise.
4.         The inter-clan violence in El-afweyn should be solved to avoid the conflict to have a negative consequence in the voter card distribution exercise or the election;
5.         The political parties and the government should respect and implement the decisions of the National Electoral Commission; CPA is calling both Kulmiye and Waddani to respect the code of conducts they signed and abide the rules and regulations of the elections.
6.         The political parties should stop using polarizing and sensitive remarks.
7.         Political conflict in Khatumo, is thoughtful worrying, facing Somaliland election process. If one of conflicted parties signed understandings with Somaliland, get support from outside to target the election process.
8.         Inter-clan violence conflict in El-afweyn, is one of the key risks to upcoming election, if it will not resolve. Inter-clan conflict in El-afwen will affect polling stations for the presidential election in November 13, 2017. There should be specially trained security forces for the voting stations in El-afweyn town or other fragile places.


CPA is calling to the stakeholders for greater efforts to ensure the election will take place on time, and to solve any barriers that may slow down the preparation of the elections.


About Center for Policy Analysis

CPA was established to help the countries of Horn of Africa region to build, peace, democracy, human rights and effective governance systems where all citizens are equal. CPA is based in Hargeisa, the Capital of Republic of Somaliland.

Address: Red Sea village, I/K district, Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Web: www.centerforpolicy.net


August 12, 2017
Hargeisa, Somaliland

Soo Saare

Xafiiska la Socodka Arimaha Doorashooyinka (EMO)
Xarunta Darasaadka Siyaasada (CPA)

Contact Information:


Doorashada la filayo inay Somaliland ka qabsoonto 13-ka November ayaa noqonaysa dooraashadii 6aad ee Somaliland gasho, waxaana Somaliland ay hore u soo gashay shan doorasho oo kala ah

Doorashadii Golaha Deegaanka ee 2002,
Doorashadii Madaxtooyada ee 2003,
Doorashadii Baarlamaanka ee 2005,
Doorashadii Madaxtooyada ee 2010
Doorashadii Golaha Deegaanka ee 2012 la qabtay.

Waxaa intaas hareer socday, qorshayaal kale oo lagu taageerayey hannaanka doorashada ee Somaliland, sida:

2001 Aftidii Dastuurka ee Somaliland,
2009 Diiwaangelintii Codbixiyayaasha ee ugu horraysay,
2010 Qaybin loo sameeyey Diiwaangelinta Codbixiyayaasha,
2016 Diiwaangelinti Codbixiyayaasha ee labaad  iyo
2017 oo lagu gudo jiro Qaybinta Kaadhadhka Codbixinta ee doorashooyinka soo socda.

August 12, 2017, Waxaa si rasmi ah uga bilaabmay gobollada Sool iyo Sanaag wejigii ugu dambeeyey ee kaadh-qaybinta codbixiyayaasha doorashooyinka Somaliland ee la filayo inay Somaliland ka qabsoonto 13-ka bisha November kaas oo socon doonta muddo 28 maalmood ah.
In kastoo hanaankii doorashada November 2017 lagu geli lahaa uu si fiican u socdo, hadana  waxaa soo ifbaxaya weli dhacdooyin halis gelin kara doorashada oo ay ku kacayaan xisbiyada qaarkood, iyagoo jabinaya shuruucdii u taalay xiliga kaadh qaybinta iskana indho-tiraya digniinaha ka soo baxaysa Guddida Goorashada.

Xafiiska CPA u qaabilsan la socodka arrimaha doorashooyinka (EMO)  wuxuu usbuuci la soo dhaafay diwaangeliyay dhacdoodyinkan soo socda kuwaas oo saamayn ku leh habsami u socodka doorashada.:-


Xiisadda Baarlamaanka:

02 August, waxaa is-casilay Guddoomiyihii Golaha Wakiillada Somaliland Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Cabdullaahi Cirro, oo xilkaas soo hayey tan iyo bishii October ee sannadkii 2005. Jagada Guddoomiyaha waxaa isu soo sharaxay laba mudane oo ka tirsan baarlamaanka, Baashe Maxamed Faarax oo laga soo doortay gobolka Sool oo isagu ka tirsanaa shirguddoonka Baarlamaanka Somaliland tan iyo 2005, iyo weliba Xildhibaan Cabdiraxmaan Talyanle oo ka soo laga soo doortay gobolka Sanaag. Xildhibaan Talyanle wuxuu baarlamaanka ku soo biiray ka dib markii uu shil gaadhi ku geeriyooday Xildhibaan kale oo laga soo doortay gobolka Sanaag bishii November sannadkii 2008. [1]

06 August, Golaha Wakiillada ee Somaliland ayaa qabtay doorashada shirguddoonka golaha, waxaa subaxnimadaas is-casilay Baashe Maxamed Faarax oo ahaa Guddoomiye ku xigeenka koowaad ee Golaha Wakiillada, waxaana hoggaaminta golaha la wareegay Guddoomiye ku xigeenka labaad. Fadhiga golaha waxaa ka soo qaybgalay 78 mudane, Shirguddoonka ayaa ku dhawaaqay in Baashe Maxamed Faarax uu helay 39 cod, halka Xildhibaan Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Talyanle uu helay 38 cod, sidaasna Baashe Maxamed Faarax uu ku guulaystay inuu noqdo Guddoomiyaha cusub ee Baarlamaanka Somaliland. Xildhibaan Talyanle ayaa hambalyeeyey Guddoomiyaha cusub, isaga oo aqbalay natiijada. Hase ahaatee habeenimadii ayuu shir-saxaafadeed qabtay ku  sheegay inuu ogaaday inay dhacday wax is daba marini, isaga oo isku tilmaamay inuu yahay Guddoomiyaha Golaha Wakiillada ee sharciga ah. Qaar ka mida xildhibaannada ayaa taageeray Xildhibaan Talyanle. [2] [3]

07 August, Xukuumadda Somaliland ayaa sheegtay inay Baashe Maxamed Faarax u aqoonsan tahay Guddoomiyaha Sharciga ah ee golaha wakiillada, sida uu shir-saxaafadeed ku sheegay Wasiirka Warfaafinta Cismaan Saxardiid Caddaani. Wasiirka ayaa dembi ku tilmaamay hadalka xildhibaan Talyanle. [4]

08 August, Golaha wakiillada oo fadhi yeeshay ayaa rabshad ka dhacday, taas oo la sheegay in xattaa rasaas la riday, arrintaas oo salka ku haysay muran ka dhacay xarunta baarlamaanka, waxaana ugu dambayn la xidhay Xildhibaan Saleebaan Cali Koore. Inkasta oo mar dambe la soo daayey. [5]

08 August, Xildhibaan Talyanle ayaa sheegay inay maxkamadda sare u gudbin doonaan dacwaddooda[U1] . Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda Dastuuriga ah, ahna Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda SAre Aadan Xaaji Cali ayaa xaqiijiyey 08/08/2017 inay soo gaadhay dacwadda xildhibaannada aan ku qanacsanayn natiijada golaha wakiilladu. 
Arrinta kale ee muhiimka ah ayaa ah, in habka hay’ada garsoorku uga garnaqdo dhacdadan, ay sawir ka bixin doonto dhexdhaxaadnimada hay’ada garsoorka marka laga hadlayo muranada doorashooyinka soo socda hadiiba ay dhacdo. [6][7]

Xiisadda Ceelafweyn:

21 July, waxaa weli taagan xiisadda deegaanka Ceelafweyn ee gobolka Sanaag taas oo markale dib u soo cusboonaatay, waxaana ka dhacay dagaal u dhexeeya laba beelood oo deegaankaas ku wada dhaqan, dagaalkan waxaa ku dhintay illaa lix qof, halka dhaawacuna kor u dhaafay 10 qof. Xiisadda labadan reer ayaa soo taagnayd muddo sannad ah, waxaana jira dedaallo kala duwan oo muddadaasba lagu guda jiray in lagu xalliyo, hase ahaatee laguma guulaysan. Xukuumadda iyo hoggaanka xisbiyada ayaa si wada jira baaq nabadeed ugu diray beelaha ku diriraya Ceelafweyn. [8]

Xiisadda Buuhoodle iyo Gobollada Bariga

04 August, Waxaa buuhoodle ka dhacay shirar iska soo horjeeda, Madaxweynaha Khaatumo Cali Khaliif Galaydh iyo baarlamaanka Khaatumo ayaa xilka ka qaaday Madaxweyne ku xigeenkii Cabdalla Maxamuud Cali oo sannadkii 2014 loo doortay madaxweyne ku xigeenka Khaatumo, waxayna doorteen madaxweyne ku xigeen cusub, hase ahaatee Cabdalla Maxamuud Cali ayaa ku gacansaydhay in xilka laga qaaday, waxaana garab uu ka mid yahay ay kulan kale oo ka dhacay Buuhoodle ku shaaciyeen inay xilka ka qaadeen Cali Khaliif Galaydh, isla markaana ay Cabdalla Maxamuud Cali u magcaabeen inuu noqdo madaxweynaha Khaatumo, sidoo kale waxay xilka ka qaadeen Guddoonkii baarlamaanka sida ay ku doodeen. Cali Khaliif Galaydh ayaa arrintan ku eedeeyey inay ka dambaysay Puntland. [9]

Ololaha Xisbiyada Xilliga Kaadhqaybinta:

09 August, Guddida Anshaxa ee Doorashada Somaliland, waxay digniin u jeediyeen Xisbiyada Kulmiye iyo Waddani, iyaga oo ku eedeeyey inay markale bilaabeen olole kale oo ay dhinac wadaan kaadh qaybinta. Xisbiga Waddani ayaa guddida anshaxu ku eedeeyeen inuu ololihiisa ka bilaabay deegaanka Allay-baday ee ku taalla gobolka Maroodi-jeex isla markaana uu ku gaadhsiiyey illaa gobolka Sool, halka Xisbiga Kulmiyena ololihiisa ka bilaabay gobolka Maroodi-jeex, ilaa gobolka Sool. Guddida anshaxa ayaa sheegay in hadalkoodani yahay, digniintii ugu dambaysay, waxayna ugu baaqeen xisbiyadu inay ixtiraamaan xeerkii anshaxa ee ay saxeexeen. [11]

10 August, Taliska Ciidanka Booliska ayaa ku dhawaaqay hawlgal ay sheegeen inay ugu diyaargaroobayaan hawlaha doorashooyinka Somaliland. [12]

10 August, Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha ee Somaliland Yaasiin Faratoon ayaa xafladdii daahfurka kaadhqaybinta ee Laascaanood ka sheegay, in xukuumaddu ay adkaynayso ammaanka, sidoo kale wuxuu sheegay inay Puntland dhawaan isarkeen, islana afgarteen inaanay carqaladayn Somaliland xilliga lagu jiro diiwaangelinta. Wasiirka ayaa sidoo kale digniin u jeediyey kooxo uu ku tilmaamay fallaago oo uu sheegay, in haddii ay carqaladeeyaan hawlaha diiwaangelinta ay tallaabo ka qaadi doonaan. Wasiirka Warfaafinta ee Puntland oo la hadlay telefiishanka Puntland TV ayaa dhinacooda beeniyey hadalka Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha Somaliland. [13][14]

Xarunta CPA, waxay qodobada sare ku xusan u aragtaa inay ka mid yihiin arrimo saamayn si uun ugu yeelan kara hannaanka doorashada, isla markaana ay tahay in si dhow loola socdo.


1.      Dhacdada ka socota Baarlamaanku waxay cashar u noqonaysaa doorashada madaxtooyada ee soo socota. Arrintaas oo haatan lagu muransan yahay in la isla waafaqo, laguna qanco natiijada ka soo baxday 78 mudane oo codeeyey, haddaba arrintani waxay muujinay, sida ay u dhici karto in xisbiyada qaarkood haddii ay ku qanci waayaan sida ay wax u socdaan ay qaadici karaan natiijada, arrintaas oo u baahan in haatan loo sii diyaargaroobo, isla markaana guddida doorashadu ay la yimaaddaan qorshe arrintaas ku aaddan, oo ka hortegaya in madmadow uu yimaaddo. 

2.      Xildhibaannada ku loollamaya Guddoonka Baarlamaanka ee laga soo doortay Sool iyo Sanaag, ayaa aad u kala fikir duwan, waxay taageerayaal kala duwan ku leeyihiin gobollada ay ka soo kala jeedaan, haddii aan xiisadda u dhexeysa wax laga qaban, waxaa dhici karta inay saamayn ku yeelato kaadh-qaadashada ka socota gobolada Sool iyo Sanaag ama doorashada u astaysan in la qabto Novermber 2017.

3.      Waxaa soo noq-noqonaysa, in Xisbiyada Kulmiye iyo Waddani ay wadaan olole aan sharci ahayn, sida uu sheegay guddida doorashada ee Somaliland, iyaga oo iska indho-tiraya xeerarka doorashada u yaalla, gaar ahaan xilliga kaadh-qaybinta. Haddii labadan xisbi ay u hoggaansami waayaan xeerarka anshaxa, isla markaana ay ku sii adkaystaan ololaha ay wadaan, waxay dhaawac ku tahay hannaanka qabsoomidda doorashada.

[U1] Dhinaca kale u hogaansami la’aanta  xeerka kaadh-qaybinta ee xisbiyada Kulmiye iyo WADDANI waxay sawir ka bixinaysa awooda Gudida Doorashooyinka iyo qaabka ay Gudidu u maamuli doonto xiliga lagu gudo jiro Ololaha iyo maalinta doorashadaba

Xarunta CPA waxay ugu baaqaysaa xisbiyada Kulmiye iyo Waddani, inay tixgeliyaan ku dhaqanka xeerarka doorashada, isla markaana u hoggaansamaan amarada Guddida Doorashada.

4.      Muranka u dhexeeya Khaatumo, waa walaac hor leh oo soo foodsaaraya doorashada Somaliland, waxaa dhici karta in garabka aan ka raalli ahayn, in Khaatumo ay wadahadal la gasho Somaliland ay helaan taageero debedeed oo lagu carqaladaynayo hawlaha doorashada. Gudida Doorashooyinku waa inay isha ku hayso arrimaha saamaynta ku yeelan kara doorashada inta lagu guda jiro gebagebeynta kaadhqaybinta iyo u diyaargarowga doorashada madaxtinimada.

5.      Xiisadda ka taagan Ceelafweyn, waa arrin saamayn xooggan ku leh doorashada, haddii aan xal degdeg ah loo helin, waxaa xiisadda ceelafweyn ay saamayn ku yeelanaysaa goobo codbixineed oo kala duwan, sidoo kale waxaa goobtaas ku sugan ciidamo kala duwan oo loo baahnaa inay ka hawlgalaan doorashada.

6.      Beesha Caalamku waxay door firfircoon ka qaadatay nidaamka koboca dimoqraadiyadda ee Somaliland. Si haddaba looga ilaaliyo in nidaamkaasi xagal-daac ugu yimaado, waxaa habboon in beesha caalamku ay la timaaddo qorshe lagu taageerayo in Somaliland ay sannadkan ka dhacdo doorasho xor ah oo xalaal ah


Dhacdooyinka Xafiiska la Socodka Arimaha Doorashooyinka (EMO) ee Xarunta CPA  uu diiwaangeliyey waa kuwo haddii aan hoos loo eegin waxyeelo u gaysan kara hannaanka doorashada. CPA waxay ku baaqaysaa in dedaal adag loo galo sidii doorashadu xilligeeda ugu qabsoomi lahayd, isla markaana qorshe laga yeesho caqabad kasta oo keeni karta gaabis ku yimaadda diyaargarawga doorashada.


Ku Saabsan CPA

Xarunta CPA waxaa loo aasaasay inay dalalka Geeska Afrika ka caawiso dib u dhiska, nabadaynta, dimoqraadiyadda, iyo Xuquuqda Aadanaha. Xarunta CPA waa magaalada Hargeisa ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland.

Address: Red Sea village, I/K district, Hargeisa, Somaliland.

 [U1]Halka ku dar hadi wakhti aad hesho, in dacwadii la gudbiyay gudomiyaha maxkamada sarena cadeeyey in dacwadasi soo gaadhay.