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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

WHO supports Somalia and Somaliland-Swedish collaboration

The Somali-Swedish Collaboration in Research for Health, led by Umeå University, Sweden, has been granted support from the WHO.

Five Swedish and six Somali universities are collaborating with researchers in the Somali diaspora in the programme to strengthen healthcare in one of the world’s most fragile states.

The model also creates the benefits of improved contacts and collaborations between the country’s regions and ethnic groups which have been heavily impacted by war and starvation.

Klas-Göran Sahlén, senior lecturer at the Unit of Epidemology and Global Health at Umeå University, mentor of the programme and co-author of the article, said: “This is a very different programme somewhere on the borderline between education, development, doctoral education, research and aid.

“Our hopes are that this model, in which we collaborate by building up domestic research capacity in Somalia/Somaliland, could also be usable in other so-called ‘fragile’ states. For the programme to become bridge-building, the participants come from all regions in Somalia. This is important as internal conflicts between groups have existed for a long time.”

Programme participants are conducting their research in Somalia and are basing it upon the country’s conditions and available resources. Dr Mohamed Farah Abdullahi Puntland, a trainee from Puntland State University, Somalia, is studying how to effectively communicate the importance of vaccinating Somali children.

“To gain financial support from Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, hosted by WHO, means that we can now go through with the concluding conference in Somalia. Hopefully, the Alliance funding can also lead to other forms of collaboration in the future”, added Sahlén.

In October, the participants in the ongoing educational programme will meet in Hargeisa, Somalia, to present their research at a mid-point seminar.

A concluding conference for participants is planned for spring 2018 and is to be held in Somalia.
Source : paneuropeannetworks.com


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