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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Hidden Crisis in Eastern Somaliland

Report - This assessment was commissioned by the Somaliland Presidency and National Drought Committee.

Friday, January 13, 2017

United Arab Emirates Wants to Open Military Base in Somaliland

(Sputnik)- The United Arab Emirates is in the process of landing permission to establish a military post in Somaliland, a self-governing province that has so far failed to achieve international recognition as a sovereign nation.

The Military Base put Somaliland in Jeopardy

(By Kudos Nahur , Horn Affairs – Berbera, Somaliland)
The potential UAE military base in Berbera has seen controversy even within Somaliland presidency and its cohorts.

BBC Somali radio and text via new app

BBC Somali news headlines and radio programmes are now available globally via the free BBC Somali App.

Somali town bans lavish wedding spending

(BBC)- A Somali town has banned lavish weddings to encourage young people to marry and stop them migrating.

Somaliland elections cannot be delayed on any pretext, diplomats warn

(AllEastAfrica) HARGEISA – The international community warned leaders of the breakaway northern Somalia republic of Somaliland against any further delays in holding presidential elections amid severe droughts in the region which officials said may scrap their initial plans to hold timely presidential elections.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Somaliland's failing health facilities: hospitals or abattoirs?

By Suleiman Abdurahim - Frustrated voices, suffering voices, indignant voices, afore-silenced voices, rightly righteous voices, critical voices are slowly building into a deafening crescendo against the lamentably poor, marginally legitimate, peripherally criminal health practices in present-day Somaliland.

Chinese construction firm works to hire more locals in Djibouti

(Xinhua)- DJIBOUTI - Chinese construction giant China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has vowed to raise the number of local staff in its operations in Djibouti.

US airstrike in southern Somalia

(Long War Journal)- US Africa Command announced that it launched an airstrike against Shabaab, al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, while US advisors accompanied Somali and African Union forces in a counterterrorism exercise on Jan. 7.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jawari re-elected Somalia parliament speaker

MOGADISHU, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Somali lawmakers on Wednesday re-elected Mohamed Osman Jawari as the speaker of the federal parliament.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Djibouti and Ethiopia new train link cuts travel time by 50 percent

(Al Jazeera ) - Two East African countries are celebrating a major new multibillion-dollar rail link.

It will link the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa with the sea at the port of Djibouti.

Al-Shabab militants in Somalia announce public execution of homosexuals

(AP)- The al-Shabab extremist group announced Tuesday it has killed a teenage boy and a young man for engaging in sexual conduct.

Africans citizens stranded as Somalia issues tough immigration measures

(Radio Dalsan) - Somalia immigration has issued tough measures on citizens from African countries entering the horn of Africa country making several get stranded at the Aden Abdulle Airport.

Ethiopia 🇪🇹 best tourist destination in 2017: lonely planet

Ethiopia is a land of legends and mystery – the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant to name but two.

Somaliland photo fabricated by rivals, says Speaker

(The Star)- The Waddani party, Somaliland’s main opposition party, has hotly denied that it is seeking to reunite with Somalia ahead of this year’s elections.

Monday, January 9, 2017

EU releases €28.7 million emergency assistance in Africa, Asia

(Relief Web) - With the humanitarian situation drastically deteriorating in a number of countries and regions, the EU is releasing urgent assistance.

Arabs dirty game in Somaliland once again

By Kodus Nahur , Horn Affairs-  Somaliland’s delegation has been in United Arab Emirates (UAE) negotiating with DP World for the management of Berbera Port. But all of a sudden, local media reported that the Somaliland delegation reached agreement of military base with UAE.

Amisom engages Somali herders after 25 camels killed in ambush

The African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) admitted that its forces in Lower Shabelle region killed 25 camels on Saturday.

Somaliland internet firms block access to news sites, raising censorship specter

By Judy Maina ,  NAIROBI – Two local telecommunication and internet companies based in the breakaway northern Somalia republic of Somaliland have blocked access to two popular news websites this week, prompting criticism by a local media watchdog  which warned that the new restrictions would further restrict freedom of expression.