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Thursday, July 20, 2017

SAUDI ARABIA - Abusive Saudi Prince arrested by order of King Salman

(Arab News)- JEDDAH: Riyadh Police have arrested a member of the Saudi royal family who abused citizens verbally and physically in a widely spread video that went viral over the past few days.

Young Somali poet wins BBC award

(Nation)- Deqa Nuux Yonis has won the BBC Somali Young Female Poet award as the broadcaster celebrated its 60 years of service in the Horn of Africa country.

UK - Visiting Somaliland friends make song and dance on meadows

(Henley Standard) - Natives of the city, which is the largest city in the African nation’s north-western Awdal region, including many who now live in the UK, travelled to Henley to give a demonstration of their culture at the third “Borama Comes to Henley” event in Mill Meadows on Saturday.

Somalia leases land to AU mission after university handover

(Africa News) - Somalia’s HirShabelle state has signed a land lease agreement with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Emirates and flydubai join forces, announce extensive partnership agreement

Emirates and flydubai (www.flydubai.com) today unveiled an extensive partnership which will see the two Dubai-based airlines join forces to offer customers unmatched travel options. (Somali translation included)

UK - Somaliland programme - Security and Justice Sector Reform, Political Stability and Accountability

(FCO)- Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 but is not recognised by the UK or others in the international community.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

London - Mustafa Ahmed sprayed a pregnant woman and her boyfriend with acid

(Daily Mail) A college student sprayed a heavily pregnant woman and her partner with acid hours after they 'argued with a group of Somali men', a court has heard.

FCO releases further document pertaining to Somaliland

The Foreign Common Wealth office has recently released the following document about Somaliland which pertains to the relations between the two  countries and the support that Britain gives to the country.

Vienna - Dogwalker Hospitalised After Attack By Somalian Migrant

A middle aged woman had to be hospitalised in Vienna following a brutal beating in broad daylight by a veiled Somali asylum seeker offended by her pet dogs.

UK- Somaliland delegation visits Henley

(Henley Standard)- A CELEBRATION of Henley’s friendship link with Borama in Somaliland was held ton Saturday.

Review of Somalia’s Media Law Falls Short

When Somalia’s new minister of information took office in March, he promised to review the country’s restrictive media law, raising hopes of fostering a better environment for journalists and free expression in the country.

Mohamed Noor, Minneapolis officer who fatally shot Justine Damond

(Start Tribune)- After changing careers to join the Minneapolis Police Department in 2015, Mohamed Noor was lauded by the mayor and his fellow Somalis as a welcome addition to the force.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Somalia Food Security Outlook, June 2017 to January 2018

(RW) Key Messages
- In early May, FSNAU and FEWS NET released a joint alert warning that Emergency (IPC Phase 4) outcomes would persist through June in agropastoral areas of Bay and Bakool, Northern Inland Pastoral, Hawd Pastoral, and Addun Pastoral livelihood zones and 3.2 million people would be in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

What's behind the demand to shut down Al Jazeera? - Video

(Al Jazeera)- The Saudi-led group that has imposed a political and economic blockade on Qatar appears to be backing down from its demand to shut down Al Jazeera Media Network.

Open markets and free trade will help Africa help itself

(FCO)- The migrant crisis on Europe’s doorstep has returned to the headlines.

200,000 Somalis benefit from Qatar Charity projects

The number of beneficiaries of charitable projects carried out in Somalia in co-operation with international humanitarian organisations reached 200,000 people, at a cost of $6.3mn, between 2009 and 2017, according to a report by the Qatar Charity (QC).

Saudi humanitarian organization helps repatriate Somalis trapped in Yemen

(Arab News)- RIYADH: The King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSRelief) has continued to repatriate trapped Somali citizens in Yemen, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.