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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Justice for Somaliland Election, 2017

(Petition) -We request the UK Government and UK Parliamentary Parties:

Press release by the #Somaliland election commission and Wadani candidate - Video

Hargeisa , Somaliland

Friday, November 17, 2017

UAE base in Somaliland under construction

(IHS)- Construction of a United Arab Emirates naval base in the separatist region of Somaliland has begun, according to a UN report released on 8 November.

Turkish NGO puts Somali doctors through medical school

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Five Somali doctors on Friday graduated from medical school under a special program organized by a Turkish NGO.

Somalia - poor rainfall have pushed the country’s coping mechanisms to the brink

Consecutive seasons of poor rainfall have pushed the country’s coping mechanisms to the brink.

2 Shot Dead in Somaliland as Opposition Party Calls Voting Rigged

(VOA)- At least two people were killed in post-election violence Thursday in the breakaway republic of Somaliland, after one of the two opposition parties claimed "massive" polling irregularities.

Somaliland- EOM urges all parties to use legal channels to resolve post-election differences

(Hargeisa)International observers of Somaliland’s presidential election on 13 November 2017 urge all parties to use legal channels to resolve post-election differences.

The international community should stop treating Somaliland as a laboratory experiment

(By Mark T. Jones ) - In the grand scheme of things the heated words or actions of politicians before and after Somaliland's Presidential Election will soon begotten.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Zimbabwe: Establish a Civilian Transitional Government

Press Release- Freedom House
Washington  -  November 16, 2017 — In response to the military takeover of government in Zimbabwe, and the military placing President Robert Mugabe under house arrest, Freedom House issued the following statement:

Zambia - 15 Ethiopians held as captive in Limpopo rescued

(www.timeslive.co.za) - The Hawks have rescued 15 Ethiopians who were held captive in a house in Limpopo‚ officials said in a statement.

Somali minister resigns citing government disorder

MOGADISHU, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Somalia's humanitarian affairs minister resigned on Wednesday citing disorder in the government, adding to two the number of ministers who have resigned in the past month.

Press release as International Election Observers leave Somaliland

(Hargeisa)- International observers of Somaliland’s presidential election congratulate the Somaliland people on a peaceful poll and look forward to a positive conclusion to the electoral process.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Somalia releases truck bombing suspects’ names, photos

(Anadolu Agency)- MOGADISHU, Somalia
The government has released the names and photographs of the suicide bomber who died in the last month's deadly truck bombing in the capital Mogadishu that killed more than 350 people.

UK- Sir Mohamed Farah receives knighthood

(Sky News)- Four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah has received his knighthood from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Mugabe in custody as army takes control in Zimbabwe

(Sky News)- The Zimbabwean army has said president Robert Mugabe and his wife have been taken into custody after gunfire was heard near his compound and troops seized control of the state broadcaster.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

International observers of Somaliland’s presidential election congratulate the Somaliland people on a peaceful poll

(Medeshi)- Following Somaliland’s third presidential election on 13 November 2017, the 60-member mission, funded by Britain’s government and drawing on members from 27 countries is now finalising its interim report to Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission as observers return to Hargeisa.

Mobile clinics bring stable care to moving populations in Somaliland

(DEVEX)- By Sara Jerving - Dallow, SOMALILAND — Twenty-year old Safia Ali Abdi had never been to the doctor before she lined up at a mobile clinic under an acacia tree one October morning this year.

Foresight Planning – Our very survival depends upon it

By Mark T. Jones -  Cast your mind back to the end of 1999 and the approach of what many viewed as a new Millennium.

Monday, November 13, 2017

London - Khalid Abdi Farah shot dead in Southall

(Getwestlondon) - The man who was gunned down in Southall in the early hours of Saturday (November 11) has been named by police as 26-year-old Khalid Abdi Farah, from Greenford .

Why Somaliland is east Africa’s strongest democracy

Though unrecognised by the international community, the country benefits from a strong social contract between government and citizens.

Somaliland votes in presidential election

(BBC)- Polls have opened in the self-declared republic of Somaliland in the presidential election.
The election will use an iris-based biometric voting system - a world first, according to the election spokesman.

Security tight as Somalilanders vote to elect new president

MOGADISHU, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Security is tight as Somalilanders in the semi-autonomous region of Somalia lined up on Monday to elect their new president in polls delayed by severe drought and political disagreements.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Somaliland's poll body says ready for presidential election on Monday

MOGADISHU, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- National Electoral Commission (NEC) of the breakaway republic of Somalia's Somaliland said on Saturday that it has finalized preparations for the presidential election on Monday.

Somaliland- Press release by the International Election Observers

(Hargeisa) - International observers of Somaliland’s presidential election on 13 November 2017 ready to deploy to Somaliland’s six regions.

U.S. Conducts Airstrike in Support of the Federal Government of Somalia

(US Africa command)- In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. forces conducted an airstrike in Somalia against al-Shabaab on Saturday, Nov. 11 at approximately 4:30 p.m. local Somalia time, killing one enemy combatant.