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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Commentary - Somaliland government must secure its borders

(Medeshi) -
Tukaraq has become a contention point in the relations between Puntland of Somalia and the republic of Somaliland. Puntland has been stirring violence in the borders with Somaliland by inciting hatred and war among the clan relatives that inhabit in Somaliland.

Both Somaliland and Somalia have been colonised by Britain  and Italy respectively with no clan borders. Puntland immediately started in 1991 to undermine Somaliland integrity by inducing clan politics so that its affiliated  inhabitants that live within the  Somaliland territory cause unrest and create dispute.

This has not worked. Puntland is a one clan state and doesn’t tolerate other than the major Mohamoud clans let alone Siwaaqroon and Bixiidle.

The recent visit by the minister of planning of Puntland to Badhan of Somaliland was a provocation. Dividing the people of Somaliland on clan basis will not be tolerated by the government of Somaliland. Somaliland has the right to secure its borders and that shall be done .

The people of Somaliland have had suffered under the Mad Mullah and Siyad Barre and will never accept any further suffering.

The Somaliland army must secure the borders of Somaliland republic as soon as possible while respecting and safe guarding the inhabitants regardless of their  clan affiliation . .