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Monday, January 8, 2018

Kenya - Somali Pastoralists urge arrest of Kitui East MP over eviction threats

(Capital FM )- KITUI, Kenya, Jan 8 –
Somali pastoralists from North-eastern Kenya want the government to arrest Kitui East Member of Parliament Nimrod Mbai for threatening to forcefully evict them from Kitui County.

Led by their spokesman Mowlud Bill, they accused the legislator of threatening to evict them from Malalani, Kyamatu and Endau.
“The MP warned us if we don’t vacate the area in 10 days he will take appropriate action to get us out,” said Mowlud.

In what he called fact-finding mission to end perennial conflict between the Kamba community and the pastoralists, Mbai categorically stated that the resources in Nziu and Aithi Ranch in Kitui County cannot be shared by the two communities, a statement that has been seen to open hatred between the two communities.
Speaking to Capital FM News, Mowlud said he wanted Mbai taken to task on what he meant when he called them intruders depleting resources whereas they are in their own country.

“We want the government to protect us from this rogue MP who feels that he owns resources in Kenya. We haven’t agreed with him to move from the ranch, where will our camels find pasture? This is a natural resource and if anything happens to one of us he is to blame,” added Mowlud.

The two communities for sometime have engaged in conflict over pasture and water leading to insecurity contributing to loss of lives.