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Friday, February 2, 2018

Cargo Plane Crashes In Southern Somalia, Fate Of Crew Unknown

(Radio Shabelle ) - A cargo airplane has crash landed in Somalia in territory controlled by Al Shabaab militants outside Wanlaweyn district in Lower Shabelle region, a government official said Thursday.

“We have confirmed a plane crash over Al Shabaab-controlled area in Lower Shabelle,” Abdifitah Hajji Abdulle, told Radio Shabelle over the phone.

The wreckage of the aircraft and any survivors are assumed to have been seized by the militants as the crash site is located between Somali army base and Al Shabaab bastion.

There was no information as to what the plane had been carrying, and no immediate response from the Al Shabaab. Wanlaweyn lies about 90Km northwest of Mogadishu.